Jack of all Trades – 376

To Erediares


I frantically took out my old winter clothes from my hollow bracelet and put them on. But it didn’t warm me up immediately. I shivered and rubbed my hands together while looking around us.

As the cold might have suggested, it was a land of snow. But I wasn’t sure if there were hills or not. It was hard to really make anything out when everything was so white. However, there was definitely a forest in the distance. But everything else was obscured in the falling snow and mist. I would need to use Eyes of the God Wolf to see better.

“Daniela. I think there’s a town over there.”
“I see… We should go then. Or we will freeze to death…”

This was what happened when Rachel’s violent methods went too far. Damn it. And I had been looking forward to traveling. It had been fun going down river through the sea of trees. What had we missed by not taking a ship to and from the island…
Well, it was saving us time. That was true. But it didn’t quite feel right. No, I had to think of the bigger picture. We could ride all the ships we wanted once there was peace. Right now, we had to think of the Nova. As for now, it was all about reaching this town.

□   □   □   □

By the time we arrived at the town I had found through Eyes of the God Wolf, the sun was about to set. We only barely slid in before it closed. Accordingly to the gatekeeper, this was our destination. Erediares.
It seemed bigger than any town we had been in before, but smaller than the imperial capital.

However, could this really be called a country? I didn’t know anything about how countries were founded. It wasn’t my world. I suppose if you called it a country, it was a country. Arthur said it was.

And as was incredibly obvious, it was a country of snow. And so there were few travelers, which meant it wasn’t hard to find an inn.

We warmed ourselves in our room for a while before rushing to the bathing room. Neither of us wanted to wait, and so we entered the hot water together. It was so cold, that there was no other choice.

By the time we were out again, it was quite dark outside, and so we thought that we’d search for Manager tomorrow. However, there was something so beautiful and magical about the town at night. And so we decided to go out. Call it a date.

“Ah, it’s pretty…”
“I like how the lights reflect on the snow and the white buildings.”

There were lanterns set up along the streets. The warm, magic light bathed the snow in orange. Lights also leaked from the windows of the houses. Curtains of various colors seemed to glow in the night.

We walked and took in such sights. It had been a while since we could relax like this. Perhaps it was a reward for getting through a very busy day.

Delicious smells began to waft through the air as we walked. It almost didn’t match the fresh coolness of the snow, or maybe it did. The smell of strong spices. Daniela was quick to react.

“I smell something good.”
“I bet it’ll warm us right up.”

We soon arrived at the source of the smell. Their doors were closed to keep the warmth in. But the smell still drifted from the vents. It was so thick with spices that I felt warm just smelling it.

Before I knew it, both Daniela and I were sitting down at a table.

“Welcome. What can I get you?”

Said a kind-looking young man as he came out from behind a counter. Did he run the place?

“I want whatever it is that I am smelling.”
“Certainly. It won’t take long.”

He returned to the counter and scooped something out of a large pot and into some plates. I could tell now that it was soup.
He returned to us carrying the two plates on a tray. There was also a large loaf of bread. It looked great.

“Here you go. Please enjoy it.”
“Thank you.”
“Thank you.”

The plate in front of me was filled with a red soup. It contained chopped up vegetables and meat that were the perfect size. I quickly grabbed my spoon and tasted it.

“Hmm…it’s really good…!”

My tongue was overjoyed that it was as spicy as it looked. It was the kind of soup that could only have been made in a cold country. My body started to warm up immediately.
I then tore up the bread and took a bite. It was fragrant and delicious…not freshly baked, but it didn’t matter when the ingredients were this good.

Then I dipped it in the soup and ate it.


Daniela moaned as she did the same thing. The taste became a little milder, and the soft texture of the bread was delightful.

“This is a great place.”
“Aye, I enjoy hot food.”

We didn’t eat it that often, which I was now regretting.

After eating till we were stuffed, we left the restaurant and continued our walk. It was still magical, but as it was getting late, there were fewer people out on the streets. Mostly, we just saw soldiers on patrol.

“Maybe we should go back…”
“Yes. While we are still warm.”

It had been quite a day. I wanted to sleep in a warm bed. Damn it. Did she have to drop us in the middle of the snow like that…

□   □   □   □

We returned to the inn and went straight to bed. I slept well into the morning.

The next day, we ate breakfast at the inn and then went out into town. Today, we would try to find Manager.

“So, I suppose we should head to the guild?”
“Yes, it is the most likely place. In fact, I would not know where else to go.”

True. What Adventurer didn’t use the guild as a base?

“But what if they don’t have an Adventurer’s Guild?”
“They do.”

Suddenly, someone entered our conversation. I jumped back, only to see that it was Manager.

“Manager… You should have told me you were there…”
“You clearly need more training. Hello, Daniela.”
“Hello. You look well.”

At least we didn’t have to search for her…I suppose. Though I was still shocked. As I sighed, someone poked me in the back.

“It’s been a while, Mister Asagi.”
“Hello, Lemon. Good to see that you’re doing well.”

It wasn’t really surprising that Lemonfrost was with Manager. Unlike Daniela, she was a gray elf. She had different equipment from the last time we saw her. It was quite the improvement.

“Nice gear. I bet you could beat me up now.”
“You’re exaggerating! But my rank did go up to jade. So it’s only a matter of time until I catch up to you!”
“Already? That’s amazing. Good for you.”

I wouldn’t be able to talk as her senior for long. Maybe I should start calling her Miss Lemonfrost.

Anyway, now that we had reunited, it was time to talk.

“Yeah, I know. Let’s go to our inn.”

She nodded and turned on her heels. Lemon was quick to walk next to her, and so Daniela and I followed.

Well, it starts from here, in this north country. Taking down the Nova. The fight to end the misery.

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