Jack of all Trades – 320

To Yukka


We left through the west gate of the Imperial Capital and ran as if to shake off the emotion that clung to us. Well, I was the one who was doing the running. I carried Daniela while being boosted by Legs of the God Wolf. The platinum and jade wind carried us as if we didn’t weigh anything at all.

“Firsts stop, Yukka. Right?”

“Yes. We will stay there for one night and then move on to Arkaroid. Then we go through the swamp and to Usk.”

“Yukka should be a lot more lively now that the matter of the Loup-Garou has been taken care of.”

“Do you want to explore?”

“Time is precious, but there are a few people that we know.”

After everything was said and done, there were people there that had helped us. It would be rude to ignore them when passing through.

“Perhaps we could have dinner with them.”

“If there’s time.”

I wouldn’t mind enjoying the night like that either.

I had completely healed from the wounds I received during the stampede, and since Legs of the God Wolf was working well, we passed the giant tree in no time. The attack of the blood apes during the night had traumatized me a little, and I couldn’t help but we wary when we came close to it. Though, it had been somewhat of a massacre, and perhaps there were not many of them left. But even if we didn’t see any, I had no intention of resting anywhere near it.

After we passed the great tree, there wasn’t much to see for a long stretch. The forest was still far away, and we could see the sun getting closer to it. And so we decided to search for a place to rest.

“I hope there’s a good spot around here…”

“It does not really matter.”

“Well, I suppose you’re right. We have the barrier tools, after all.”

Those barrier tools had the thunderstones inside of them, and so anyone who came close to them would be electrocuted. Thanks to them, we didn’t have to be as careful when choosing a place to camp. Still, all my prior experience ensured that I had a habit of searching.

I used Presence Detection to do a quick scan of the area from above, but as there was nothing to find, we landed on the ground and then set up the barrier. You just needed to place the four devices so that they made a square and then add mana while pushing a switch. Then they would be activated. After that, it would just continue to run off of the mana in the air. When it was time to leave, you just pushed the switch again to deactivate it. But if you forgot to turn it off, your punishment would be electrocution.


I returned to the center where our belongings were. Daniela had used wind magic in order to blow away all of the snow and expose the ground underneath. And so I took some firewood out of the hollow bag and lit it with a magic ignition tool. Yes, you couldn’t have a campsite without a bonfire.

The snow itself wasn’t that deep. Just around ten centimeters. And it wasn’t frozen solid either, so things were quite easy for us.

After her work was done, Daniela wasted no time in taking out some meat skewers from her bracelet and sitting down for a break. Seeing her relaxing like that put a smile on my face.

She looked at me with annoyance. And then I started to set up the tent. This one used a single pole and was quite popular with campers. You just pulled the tarp over the pole that was in the center and pulled the edges to the ground and nailed them. There was something about these tents that really matched a bonfire, visually. And better atmosphere improved your dining experience as well.

I hammered the last peg into the ground and pulled the tarp to make sure that it was secure. I nodded. There was no need to worry about it collapsing during the night. As it was still very cold outside, it would have been nice to have a stove, but we didn’t have one. Adlus had had one in his tent during the stampede. We should have bought one too. It was too bad that I always seemed to remember these things when it was too late.

“Alright, let us eat.”

“You’re already eating.”

“This is just a snack. It hardly counts.”


That didn’t make any sense. And so I ignored her and started to cook some dinner.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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