Jack of all Trades – 213


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Sometime later, we arrived at the Adventurer’s guild. There was no procedure necessary when going to the north district from the west. It was the same in the south and east. The exceptions were the nobles district and when visiting the imperial castle further on. In other words, places that had nothing to do with us. Perhaps we would have gone if it was an actual tourist attraction, but this place was actually inhabited by the upper class and the emperor. They would have us executed if we went in uninvited.



The guild was very busy. We made our way through crowds of Adventurers from all over the empire. We finally reached the counter.


“Oh, sorry.”

“It’s fine.”


No one seemed to care if you accidentally bumped into them here. I guess they were better trained.




But Daniela called for the man to stop. I turned around to see what was happening. She looked angry. But why?


“Return what you just stole from Asagi. Do it quickly and this can end without further trouble.”



Stole? I didn’t have anything that could be…hmm? Hmm!?”


“Ah, my wallet!”


I kept a small leather pouch with a few silvers and golds to shop with, in my pocket. It was gone.


“Asagi. I am not impressed at your lack of caution here.”

“I really did mess up.”
“What? Why are you accusing me?”


The Adventurer said innocently and then glared at me. Perhaps it was arrogant of me, but up until that point, I was willing to let it slide as a lesson I needed to learn. Mainly, because it was such a small sum… But his attitude irked me.


And so I activated Eyes of the God Wolf. It wasn’t just an ability that let you see things far away. I could see things that were close by as well. For instance, the bulge in his back pocket.


“It’s in your back pocket.”



He must have sensed danger then because he turned around and ran. Yes, I could see the outline of my wallet on his ass.

I had made that wallet myself. It was some folded leather stitched together with a needle and some thread. They didn’t use any paper money here, so the wallet got quite fat. Still, I had designed it using Jack of all Trades, Master of None, which resulted in a design that made it fold nicely. I did not think there were any other wallets like it in this world.


“You owe me one.”



And with that, Daniela pointed a finger at the Adventurer.


“Blast Bullet.”



It was original magic by Daniela. It was based on my own Icicle Bullet. And it went straight into the back of the thief. The bullet was like a miniature storm and knocked him right off of his feet.


“Hey, guild worker. We got a thief.”



Daniela sighed as she spun around and called to a random person behind the counter. Several others were called and they promptly apprehended the fallen Adventurer. After that, my wallet was returned to me.

Damn it. This was not a good start. I thought people would start leaving me alone… As the hero protagonist, it was Matsumoto who was supposed to attract this kind of attention. I don’t get it.

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