Realist Demon King – 58


It seemed sincere enough.

Jeanne looked at them as if they were idiots, and then she opened her mouth.

And so I quickly covered it with my hand. They were not to know that I was a Demon King.


After that, they bowed about ten times before running out of our sight.


“Well, it’s time for us to leave as well.”


“Wait, Demon King!”


Jeanne said.

She poked at the dead wyvern with her sword.


“Is this not edible? It looks delicious.”


She was drooling.

I looked towards Eve.


“Wyvern flesh is known for being tolerably tasty.”


“Then we must eat it!”


Jeanne declared. But that would not happen.


I did not want to eat the flesh of something that ate humans. I was a Demon King, not a devil.


Jeanne understood this.


“That is true. I forgot about that.”


She made the sign of the cross and offered a silent prayer.


And then I pulled out a knife and cut out the wyvern’s liver.


“I thought you weren’t going to eat it?”


“The liver of a wyvern can be used for medicine and as summoning material. It can’t hurt to keep it.”


It was like a symbol of life.

And so I used magic to freeze and preserve it, and then entered the carriage.


Our journey was not as smooth as it could have been, but we continued to ride south. It took us a few more days to reach our destination.


A great hole appeared in the middle of a field.

The entrance itself was smaller than I expected, but the chamber underneath was gigantic.


“The Ruin of Ashgold.”


It was a dungeon that was rumored to be the city of an ancient civilization. And it was here that we might find ‘drifted relics.’


I asked Hanzo about this once again.

He had taken off his driver’s disguise and returned to being a kobold.


“It should be on one of the lower floors.”


“So we must go down then.”


We had come here to explore it in any case. So there was no reason to cower in fear now.

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