Jack of all Trades – 217

Encounter with the Unknown


As we wanted to be as quick as possible, we decided that I should carry Daniela and run while using Legs of the God Wolf. It was Daniela who suggested this. I rolled up my pants so they wouldn’t get ruined. I also took my boots off just in case. They hadn’t been damaged the last time I did this, but I was cautious. Besides, my feet weren’t touching the ground, so it didn’t matter if I wore anything or not.


“This is rather nice. It is more stable than the carriage.”

“But I’m not used to these legs yet. You don’t know how on edge I am.”

“As long as you do not drop me.”


And so I ran very carefully.


  □   □   □   □


It had recently come to my attention that my eyes turned yellow while using Night Eyes. It was a skill that allowed me to run through the night even if there was no light, but I was human and I liked to sleep. Daniela was very understanding of this, and so descended to the ground where we would set up camp.

Once I had a fire, I was able to deactivate the skill. The fire offered enough light for me to see clearly. Now, we just had to set up the tent. Would it be the one I bought or the one Daniela bought?


“Which one do you think would be easier?”

“Hmm… Probably mine…”


You just stabbed a pole into the ground and pulled the tarp out. Not that the dome one looked too complicated either. You just tied the cloth along the frame and it was finished. The frame was made of iron and quite heavy, but that was fine, since we carried it in the hollow bag. You could also take the frame apart, which was neat. It showed how advanced they were in the imperial capital.


Well, we were in a hurry today, so we’d go with the easiest one!


“…There. It’s done. Pretty nice inside as well.”

“Hmm…yes, this is quite good.”


We relied on the bonfire for light as we looked inside. I tried walking around the pole and it didn’t feel cramped at all. The ventilation was great as well. I had made the right choice with this one.


“Alright. Let’s eat then.”

“I have been waiting for you to say that.”


I handed Daniela some fried noodles from the bag. We set the food on a low table and then I filled two cups with water.


“Here you go.”

“Thank you.”

“Let’s eat.”



Our second day in the capital ended with us eating outside. And tomorrow, I would run to the mountain.


  □   □   □   □


We passed the night peacefull without any attacks. And in the morning, I ran once again. I had been quite tired since yesterday, and so I had slept well after my watch. Daniela looked tired as well. She also slept well. It was a deep, dreamless sleep that we needed in order to blow away our fatigue.


The land zoomed passed us as we rushed towards our destination. The east mountain was clearly visible now that it was bright. However, as we were facing the sun, it was almost blinding. The mountain…was about as high as Alessa. It was much higher than the mountain where I reunited with Daniela after finding the automated doll. Still, there was something strange about it. Its shape. The peek was flat.


“What an interesting shape.”


Daniela muttered against my chest.


“I’ve seen something like it back in my world. It was called the ‘Table Mountain.”


The soil was soft, and so rain and wind had carved it away, resulting in that shape. …Or so I remember hearing on TV. 


“So you are saying that it is prone to crumbling?”

“I doubt either of us could do it. But maybe a wind dragon’s breath could.”

“Hmm… I would prefer to kill it without wrecking the terrain.”

“That seems very unlikely, Master Daniela.”

“I said it, because I believe in you, Asagi.”


She said with a grin. If Master Daniela ordered it, then I would have to do it.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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