Jack of all Trades – 26

Weapons of the Forest, Daniela’s Past

The light that poured from the room elongated the shadows of the crumbled walls. We stepped over the shadows as we made our way into the room.

“What is…”

“Ancient elves…”

Daniela whispered as she looked at them.

“But, won’t that make these over a thousand years old? How could they have been preserved in this state for so long?”

“There is a reason that it was considered to be an age of advanced magic. Preservation magic, environment magic, all of it was at a different level than it is today. And so these do not deteriorate or break. There is a magic that allows these weapons to maintain their appearance for one thousand years.”

Yes, what lay before us now were weapons. A double-edged straight sword. A single-edged short sword. A spear with a large head. An almost transparent, green short bow. In fact, all of the blades on the weapons were the same beautiful green color as the bow. The bow didn’t have a blade, so the entire thing was green. It was likely a type of metal.

A metal that could bend but was still strong. It was clearly no ordinary metal.

“Weapons of the ancient elves, huh. They’re very pretty. Almost like works of art.”

“You are not wrong, Asagi. And they should be the finest weapons to use as well. If they do not deteriorate then they should not become nicked either. They would likely not require as much care. And such artifacts from that age would carry a great price as well. Most nobles have an obsession with collecting such things. But only to look at.”

I see… So these would be incredibly expensive, eh? Not that I was thinking of selling them. Actually, were we even…

“Is this something that we can just take back with us?”

“I do not see why we shouldn’t. Perhaps whoever lords over these lands might take issue, but this was found from a ruin that was lost. It is something that adventurers found while exploring. If they want it, they will have to buy it.”

“I suppose so. Might as well help ourselves to it then. But, I’m still trying to focus on using the sword, so can you take them?”

I said as I slapped the sword that hung on my belt. I already had a weapon being made by Chief, and he had already warned me about this. Good weapons won’t encourage you to grow. It was too early for me to use these.

“But, I…”

Daniela looked down at her own weapons. Perhaps they had sentimental value to her. She did not seem particularly eager to swap them out.

“In any case, I cannot carry all of them. You can at least do that can you not?”

“If I have to. It will be a bother if we have to fight again, but I do intend to use a variety of weapons one day. So I might as well get used to moving with a lot them equipped.”

“That will not happen.”

Beowulf had been extremely quiet until this interjection.

“I’ve ensured that all the forest wolves move away from here. I had no intention of involving them in our battle. The air is not quite as good there, but I had them go towards the southern part of the forest.”

Isn’t that where the goblins are? Would this be the beginning of a war?

“This part of the forest was once populated by goblins as well. It seems that the air has changed after I arrived. Well, eventually the southern forest will become ours as well.”

Apparently, the forest wolves preferred this side of the forest because of the mana that Beowulf emitted. So now the goblins forest would become the forest wolves’ forest. Then the northern forest’s mana would change. In other words, the goblins would migrate to this forest. They were switching places.

I rewrite the details of the maps in my head as I pick up one of the ancient weapons. There is a sound that resembles the chime of a bell. I adjust the placements as I equip them. It was decided that I would carry the straight sword, spear, and bow. Daniela carried the short sword.

“Sorry, Asagi. I forgot about the quiver.”

Daniela was supposed that have carried the bow, but could not because her quiver was in the way. The ancient elven bow did not come with an option for quivers.

“Well, I can carry it then. Since we have no plans to fight on the way. We can think about this once we get back to town.”

I take the ancient weapons with me as we leave the ruins. A lot had happened, but this was the end of our training camp.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. Anti climax.
    You kill my kin
    So I will let you go and not kill you because you have hurt me so much than anyone ever done to me.

    Beowolf is Masochist!!!!!!

  2. The past few Beowulf chapters are good examples of forced plot. The author has a specific desire that goes against logic, is unwilling to write the 100 chapters needed to implement the idea, and thus forces one to several chapters to implement that idea which makes both the plot logic fail and the characters OOC. Of course, that kind of writing effort shortcut can be fixed in a light novel due to its longer length.

    the plot’s common sense logic and characters to conform to his wishes.

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