Jack of all Trades – 28

To Live

Ultimately, I just mumbled something random and forced my way out of the guild house. Yes, yes, that’s great. It’s my strongest weapon and my strongest shield.

The first thing I did after returning to the Spring Wind inn after three days was to pay another extension fee. I got a discount too.

As I left Daniela and headed for my room, I bumped into Mizel.

“Ohh, hello Asagi. It has been a while.”

“It sure has, miss Mizel.”

“I hear that you were camping out in the forest. But I’m glad to see you are doing well now.”

“Ahahaha… I was quite lucky to make it back in one piece.”

Is that so? She seemed to say as she tilted her head to the side. It is so. I answer with a chuckle. Though it was a long story and I didn’t want her to get shouted at by Maris again. She seemed to be aware of this too.

“Hehe. You’ve made me very curious, but I must move along before mama starts yelling. Perhaps another time.”

“Yes, see you.”

I waved and said goodbye. I insert the key into my second-floor room and open the door. It did not take long after I laid eyes on my bed before I became very drowsy. I was clearly still tired from the trip, as I thought I saw a succubus before collapsing onto my bed. I didn’t bother to change my clothes as I immediately drifted off into the world of dreams. It was such a deep sleep that no succubus could appear in it, and I slept undisturbed until morning.

□ □ □ □

Apparently, living by strict rules was something I could maintain in any situation because in spite of having been so tired the previous day, I was able to wake up at the usual time in the morning. During my night shift days, I would have gone right back to sleep, but my current body clock would not allow it. Remorsefully, I forced myself to get out of bed.

I take a pair of clean clothes and head downstairs. I was off to the usual bathing room, which I had missed so much.

There were more adventurers here than usual, as they were leaving this morning. I exchange a few words with them before washing my body. Even that was incredibly relaxing. Three days it was. I would have to wash real good before entering the water. Don’t go anywhere! I’m on my way! I think to myself as I wash up.

Finally, the long-awaited bath. First, you dip your toes in. The burning hot water sends a jolt towards your brain. Take shallow, short breaths as you slowly sink the rest of your foot in. The sensation evoked the image of being pressed against by the soft flesh of women. Not that I ever had my foot pressed against like that. Damn it was hot. Slowly, slowly. Now the other foot sinks into the water. Ggg…shit! How was I supposed to stand in here! But this was not the best place to pass out. Control yourself, Asagi Kamiyashiro!

With shaky legs, I move over to the wall on the opposite side. I lean my back against the wall and slowly, carefully lower myself into the boiling water. Ah, shit.


That was audible. I endure the torture and sink further in until my now powerless limbs are submerged.

“Quit yer whining! Get in like a normal person!”

I was scolded. I offered an inarticulate apology before forgetting such things and enjoying the water. Really, did they have no emotions? It’s an actual phenomenon to make noises when entering a bathtub. In any case, I was always loud in here, but was never scolded before. Something must have happened. I glance over to the adventurers and see tired, drowsy faces.

“You seem very tired. What happened?”

I asked the adventurer who had been annoyed at me. The others began to explain.

“Ahh… You wouldn’t believe it. I don’t even understand it myself. But the forest wolves appeared in the southern forest out of nowhere.”

“The guard who was on watch last night noticed first. We all had to grab our weapons and gather together. We were cautious of course, but it turned out that they were only migrating… Though a few goblins did come running in the direction of the town later, so we killed them.”

“That was it. But what does it mean?”

Hmm. Strange things do happen. I wipe away the sweat from my forehead that had nothing to do with the heat or the steam.

“It’s a mystery, eh? But it’s good that no one was hurt. You should rest well today. Anyway, I’m done here. Have a good day.”

I say all of that in a single breath and get out of the tub. I returned their salutes and left the bathing area behind me.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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