I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 31 Part 1

The Reason I am Here

Margrave Vayne had immediately sent out a scouting party.

While they waited for the party to return with information that proved that the man’s confession was true, the Margrave wanted to make a report and discuss the situation with Reggie.

Reggie looked like he wanted to say more, but was hurried along. Shortly after, a servant came for me as well.

“Young lady, you are to go to the war council. Madame is calling for you. But really, with that scrawny body of yours, are you really alright going out of the castle so often and fighting monsters?”

This old woman would often encourage me to eat more during meals as she heaped the biggest morsels onto my plate. She must have had business in Madame Beatrice’s room and been asked to call for me.

I felt both thankful and apologetic that she worried for me.

…Also, I felt like I was now fully pulled back into reality.

Yes, it was a few seconds ago where I was in an unreal, almost weightless state. It had caused me to think of things that I never would have otherwise. Like wanting to embrace Reggie, wanting to get even closer to him…

I think back on all that, and a rush of embarrassment catches up to me.

What was I thinking!

Had things continued like that…we, we…might have ended up kissing?

No, no. It’s impossible. Reggie is a prince.

He holds me in a special place in a way, because there are things that only we can understand about each other. He was worried about me and he didn’t know what to do. That’s what caused him to act like that.

Even I had been confused for a moment. What could I say to make him understand?

Reggie, I am fine. You don’t have to worry about me. I don’t want to die either. I will run for my life. I’m not so stupid as to walk into danger. That’s why I have Cain there to help me.

I should have said that.

But the words wouldn’t come to me at that moment.

I was being swept away by that strange atmosphere…we both were.

But now I realized something after hearing this old woman’s words. What I wanted to protect was no longer Reggie alone. The Margrave, even Alan, the other servants who were kind to me, the cooks, I wanted them all to be safe.

I thanked the old woman for bringing me back to reality, in my heart, as I headed for the conference room on the second floor of the main tower.

The Margrave and Margravine were there as well as Alan and Sir Cain. In addition, the captains of the cavalry and defense regiment, and Reggie and Grol, who had arrived shortly before me.

As her handmaiden, I stood behind Madame Beatrice who sat next to Margrave Vayne.

Maia and Clara were also there, which a great relief as I stood next to them.

I would have felt very small if I were the only handmaiden present.

However, as soon as Margrave Vayne began to talk, such thoughts were erased from my mind as I stood in shock.

“From the north!?”

That was an unexpected invasion route.

In the game, they would break through the walls and gates of the border on the east side. As it was a surprise attack, it was not well protected and the gate was easily opened to allow merchants to go through.

The Margrave could do little besides holding the castle. As they battled, Ruain manipulated the flow of information and hid soldiers all over the land before moving on to the capital.

The soldiers left in the Everal territories were able to spring surprise attacks as well, which led to the disaster.

But according to the man we arrested, Ruain would invade from the north.

The old magician whom they were protecting had the role of distracting the Margrave’s attention towards the south.

But if they really were invading from the north, that meant they would have to go through Salehard which we were about to negotiate with…

“Has Salehard betrayed us then?”

Reggie asked. He was sitting at the head of the long table. Margrave Vayne, who sat to his right, shook his head.

“The prisoner was not given that much information. He was only told that the army would come from the north. They were to attack the castle in concert with the army.”

So then the monsters and magicians will join in the attack?”


The Margrave nodded at Alan’s question.


I Will Not Become an Enemy!

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