I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 31 Part 1


I bite my lip. If only we had killed that magician we wouldn’t have to worry about them and could focus on the army.

“Do we know how many men they have?”

“He was not told this either. Our enemy must have considered his capture a possibility. However, we know that they must march through Salehard. While it should be a large army, they would be harder to detect than if they had gone right through Ruain’s border. We must anticipate a sizable force.”

Margrave Vayne answered Madame Beatrice’s question, but everyone present was now reminded of the harsh lack of information.

“But first, we must discuss how we will react if everything he said is true.”

Reggie says, and Margrave Vayne begins to talk about strategies that would be possible in the present situation.

With the assumption that the enemy would attack from two sides established, it was also possible that Ruain’s other detached forces would do something to delay Everal’s ability to deal with the oncoming attacks.

If that happened, there could be three battles simultaneously.

I have to stop myself from groaning.

In the game, it had all come down to a siege because they had been unable to do anything before the enemy arrived.

With that considered, we might be in a better position to avoid the siege this time.

But while Everal had enough men to protect its borders, would that really be enough to go against the might of an entire country?

In the first place, in the game, you could actually see the knights, soldiers, mercenaries or heavy infantry and archers and characters positioned on the map. Then you just fight your way through them.

I supposed that each individual character represented a platoon or squadron unit but… It was very difficult to imagine it. It was like the positions of each unit was shown as a chess piece.

Also, siege battles were shown as video clips with expressions like ‘overwhelming majority’ and no actual numbers.

There wasn’t really an opportunity to learn anything about actual warfare or the positioning of troops. With this being the case, there was no choice but for me to follow the lead of others who had experienced multiple battles.

Margrave Vayne was anticipating that the enemy would invade with great numbers, so it was unlikely that he would make any grave mistakes. I had to believe that.

“We will have to leave some men to protect the border. They should not be able to enter outside of the border walls, due to the canyons and mountains. So we will leave three hundred. The other three hundred will be called back and join our army.”

They could gather one thousand men to the castle by tomorrow morning.

This was the number that would be stationed within and outside of the castle. The reason for the unusually large number was to deal with the monsters that might attack. After that, more troops from surrounding branch families would arrive and the final number of men would be three thousand and three hundred.

Apparently, they had over twice this number during the last conflict, but as both countries had created a pact of peace through a marriage alliance, it was seen as distrustful to maintain the same number of armed forces. Which meant that the numbers had to be reduced.

Though, these number did not include drafted civilians. It would take some time for that to be organized.

Once it was done the total number would be ten thousand. But we had no choice but to make due with three thousand for the present.

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