Jack of all Trades – 25

Resolution and Tears

Beowulf sunk into the muddy stream. It had suffered Daniela’s strongest hit and this concentrated avalanche of debris. What kind of monster would be able to survive…

“Is he…dead?”

Daniela asked as she came to stand next to me. However, that was a death flag. It was almost miraculously optimal that I just happened to brace myself.

Because before I knew it my body had broken through the wall behind.


I couldn’t breathe. There was a high-pitched ringing in my ears. My vision was a blur of white fog. My body felt so heavy, it was overriding any other sensation.


I can hear Daniela screaming my name. Or at least, I think that I can. Surely there was no one else here that could call me.

“Asagi, huh. That was pretty impressive for a human bastard…”

Who, what…? The sudden voice brings me back to full consciousness immediately. The first thing that I see is the ceiling. Then a shadow. Then I’m assaulted by the impact and weight of something on my chest.

“Ggggaah, ahh….damn…!”
“I must congratulate you on being able to hurt me to such a degree.”

Beowulf said as he pressed me down with a single paw.

“Damn you, release Asagi!”

I see Daniela nock an arrow in the corner of my vision.

“Hold it. Your partner will die if you release that arrow.”

Beowulf leaned more of his weight down onto me. It was so heavy I thought I was going die.


Daniela gritted her teeth and returned the arrow to its quiver. But she kept a hand at the sword on her hip.

“Damn it… What are you…”
“What did you expect? The numbers of my packs were dwindling. I had to come and see who was responsible. That is all. Ahh, do not get me wrong. I hold no enmity against you.”

What did he mean? Was he saying that this wasn’t revenge for the forest wolves we had hunted?

“You are assuming that this is a counterattack of some sort, are you not? It is not so, Asagi. I only had an interest because you were strong. My comrades died because they were weak.”
“Then, do you mean to kill us as well…?”
“What a strange thing to say. Does one not kill because they are prepared to be killed in turn?”

Indeed. It would be wrong to turn coward when in danger; after we had killed so many forest wolves ourselves. The fact that they were monsters was no excuse. I didn’t know how to reply, and so I fell silent.
But then again, it was too pathetic to shut up and allow yourself to be killed as well.

“It was I who killed so many forest wolves and pushed you to this point. Kill me and me alone.”

Daniela had helped me. She had invited me into a party. I wanted to help her somehow. I ignore her voice and stare hard at Beowulf.

“It seems that you are serious?”
“I can’t prepare myself to die as you say. But I don’t care about what happens to me if I can save her.”

And I meant it. It wasn’t like any lecture by this guy could change the way I think. There was no way that I could calmly accept my own death.
But if dying would help save Daniela? That would change things. I had died once already. I would decide for myself, what this second life was worth.
Beowulf stared down at me and then smiled.

“Hahaha. There is no lie in your eyes. Very well then, I will give you a quick death.”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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