Jack of all Trades – 217


However, I thought it was important that we gain experience fighting a dragon. Terrains change with time. And even if there was a way to kill it instantly, doing so would not result in much growth for us. Not that I meant to toy with it.


“It is important to always have a method of attack.”

“Yeah. That’s why I want to gain experience defending myself.”


I had half-heartedly created Niflheim recently and had specialized in the offense. But I wanted to have a method of attack no matter what, have other options. I didn’t want to end up dying one day because there was nothing left that I could do… 


“My wind and earth and your ice and water. If we could use them to seal the dragon’s attacks, then we would be unstoppable.”

“We might face something much stronger one day. But I don’t want to die before that happens.”

“Good. We can think about the rest as we walk. I had been wary about this, but it appears that no other Adventurers or soldiers are here. So we can slow down the pace a little.”

“Got it. Can you get my shoes?”

“Leave it to me.”


Daniela had dropped down first and now took the accel panther boots out of my bag. I had been wearing these for a long time now… The store that sold them was horrible, but the quality was good. These panthers were frighteningly fast, and the boots gave me a nice AGI boost. 


As we talked about how we would use our magic, Presence Detection suddenly caught something.

While our stats were now the same, Daniela still seemed to catch things just a second before I did. Perhaps it was due to experience.

It was a giant lizard. According to Daniela, it was known as a ‘sand lizard.’

They lived in deserts and bit people with their venomous fangs. They apparently came up the waist of the average man.


However, we hadn’t been moving towards it. And it didn’t attack without being provoked.


“It must be a goblin.”


Yes, there were something else here. They were fighting. Well, in such a fight, the sand lizard would likely win… There was no beating poison.





One of them was fading. The sand lizard.


“It beat the poison?”

“Are there goblins that are immune?”

“…It is not impossible. I had once heard a rumor of a goblin who used poison and was also resistant to it. There are also very small goblins known as poison goblins. Perhaps…”

“Wait. It’s coming towards us.”


For some reason, the goblin presence was moving in our direction. I took out my spear and Daniela readied her bow.


“We should split up.”

“Alright. I’ll use Presence Block and try and catch it from the back. You’d be able to see me even if I was hiding, right?”

“Of course. Yes, we will go with that.”


We planned quickly and then moved into action. I activated Presence Block with a thought and then made a wide circle around the goblin. From what I could tell, it was still moving straight towards Daniela, so it must not have noticed me.


I started to move faster once I was behind it. At this rate, I should be able to take its back the moment it encountered Daniela. 

It moved through the grass towards her. Now it was going faster. It must have seen her. Very hostile… I had assumed a user of poison would be sneaky, but perhaps it had made this one confident.




I nearly screamed in surprise. An arrow had come flying. She nearly killed me!! That idiot!!


…No, surely Daniela wouldn’t miss her target?

And she knew where I was… Perhaps it was a signal for me to hurry?


I didn’t know. But something felt wrong. And so I rushed towards Daniela, all the while sending ice magic into the spear. As a precaution, Legs of the Forest Wolf would sit this one out.

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If you noticed the thumbnail change, it’s from the manga, which is starting tomorrow.

So that should be interesting. I wonder what changes they will make? It’s being done by the same artist who has done the covers for the light novel.

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