Tensei Kenja – 123

I Caused a Flash Flood


‘Proud Wolf! Head to the next river!’


‘Are we going to watch it again!?’


The Proud Wolf asked.

But…if it managed to cross the next river, then it would be able to reach the town.


This was no time to watch it quietly.


‘No…This time, we move! We’re going to stop that Fire Dragon!’


‘But the river wasn’t enough. How are you going to stop it!?’


‘It’s impossible!’


‘We’ll be evaporated!’


The Proud Wold and slimes were not optimistic.

But–I didn’t intend on facing the Fire Dragon head-on.


‘I’m going to make a barrier upstream and stop the flow of water! And then just as the Fire Dragon approaches, I’ll bring it down!’


This river was in a ravine.

In other words, stopping the water wouldn’t cause a flood. It would just fill up the ravine.


So I just needed to make a temporary dam that I could destroy when the dragon came near.


‘You’re going to stop the river!?’


‘Yeah. …Then you won’t have to get close to the Fire Dragon.’


‘That’s true!’


‘…That’s amazing! How did you think of such a plan!?’


The Proud Wolf and slimes said as they descended to the bottom of the ravine.

As they were monsters, they did not hesitate when going down the cliffs.


‘Around here!?’


‘No, go more upstream. There’s no point in creating a damn if you are downstream of the Fire Dragon!’




After the slimes moved away from the river, I started to block the flow of water.


‘Magic Transfer—Anti-physical Barrier!’


The barrier came up just as I finished chanting, and the river’s flow was stopped.

Eventually, the water downriver went away…as the water behind the barrier built up.


“…One barrier might not be enough.”


I muttered as I watched the scene through Shared Senses.

The barrier was starting to creak as the water behind it rose.


The pressure being applied was incredible.

I decided to add a few layers as a precaution.


‘Magic Transfer—Anti-physical Barrier!’


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. This reminds me of some missions in C&C. Got a strong enemy problem? Wash it away, with a dam bust.
    Thanks for the translation!

    • the general mission when flushing the GLA ? or is it the GLA flushing down america n china ? i forgot, havent played it for a long time

      • Any and all dam bursting mission. I just like those times the map gets ‘cleaned’ by something. No more pixel buildings and humans (ok, that sounded very terrible, sorry) there. It’s the completionist in me.

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