Tensei Kenja – 123


After that, the creaking stopped.

If I wanted to be absolutely sure it wouldn’t break, I could use the Suppression Isolation Barrier. But that used so much MP and would have been overkill.


‘…It’s coming!’


As we waited, the Fire Dragon approached the river.

It seemed like most of the energy it had lost had now recovered. And it had returned to its normal pace.


‘Not yet. Wait a little more.’


There was no point in doing this unless we waited for the right moment when the Fire Dragon passed us.

I looked at the location of the river and the speed of the dragon through Shared Senses.

And then—




I deactivated the barrier just as the Fire Dragon came close to the river.

All of the water that had been stored up now came crashing down with a thunderous roar.

The trees that were growing near the river’s edge were swept away.


And yet the Fire Dragon seemed to barely notice as it rushed on ahead.

There was no water where it was walking.


The ravine was quite deep…but the Fire Dragon was able to jump down without injuring itself.




The fire dragon roared as it began to climb up the cliffs to reach the other side.

It was just then—that the muddy rush of water slammed into it.

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  1. To sum up the chapter: ‘Hey there mister dragon, you look like you could use a nice cold bath, mind if we dump a whole river worth on you?’
    Better make some ice with magic, just to make sure the big lizard is done for. Wouldn’t be nice if the adorable pudings got fried.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Of course it does beg the question of why he just doesn’t cast a spell to freeze the dragon or dump a pile of water on its head and instead resorts to such roundabout methods

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