Tensei Kenja – 80

There Was A New Quest


“Th-the legendary magic sure is amazing! …Mister Yuji…are you a servant of god?”


“That’s ridiculous… I’m just an ordinary Adventurer.”


I had been transferred here from earth, but I hadn’t been summoned by god.

I was a salaryman, not a servant of god. A corporate slave.


If I really was a servant of god, I would purge my old company and make it white.


“At the guild, we don’t call Adventurers who have their slimes carry 18,000 kg of weight, ‘ordinary.’”


…Well, I had no argument for that.


This Slime Storage thing was certainly strange.

Hellfire of Death was very powerful as well, but Slime Storage was without a doubt the most useful thing I could do now.

Well, it could also be that there just weren’t many people who learned these skills and who were Tamers. If a Tamer happened to read those books, they would likely be able to do the same things as me.


Anyway, let’s change the subject!


“In any case, if you could just process this. I want to go on to the next one while it’s still bright outside.”


“Un-understood! Please wait one moment!”


The receptionist said as she went to the back of the guild to get the money.

Five-hundred and fifty thousand looked quite heavy.


“Thank you! You have helped us all!”


The receptionist said as she traded the money for the request sheet.

Great, I made some money now.


“Alright, onto the next one.”


I had only just brought in a huge supply of firewood, but it would only last for three days for the entire town.

I wouldn’t stay in this town forever, and so I wanted to secure at least a year’s worth of firewood so they could live without worry.


…Besides, this was the perfect time for me to make some money.

There weren’t likely to be many chances like this, where a single Adventurer could easily earn so much.

And so I would continue to bring in firewood until the guild could no longer pay me.


That was what I thought as I went to look at the quest board.

The price of firewood was still going up. The latest request was at 31.5 cicols per kilogram.

It was just as I was about to take it…that a guild worker came to the board with a newer request.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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