Tensei Kenja – 64

Apparently, There Were Unusual Mushroom


“I was asked to help with the scouting, so they could find the lost dragon. Just a little scanning before they send the main party.”


…It wasn’t exactly right, but it wasn’t wrong either.


“And you weren’t able to find the dragon.”


“Yeah. It won’t be official until the scouting party returns, but it’s definitely the case. No one would miss such a huge dragon.”


“If you say so, Yuji, it must be true. The scouting party would be made up of normal Adventurers, so they won’t find anything that you missed. …In that case, there’s even more reason to register for the hunting team.


Tina said as she tried to enter the guild.

…Had she heard what I just said?


“As I was saying, it’s going to be canceled.”


“That’s why. As long as I register, the records will still show that I volunteered to go on a dangerous mission.”


I see.

If she declared that she would go at this time, she would be able to gain the trust of others without putting herself in danger.

That was very smart of her…


“Thanks for the information!”


Tina and Lisa said as they entered the guild.


Now…what should I do?


The guild manager had his eyes on me, and so I wanted to leave the city if I could.

He clearly meant well by giving me this attention, but I was sure it would get me involved in things I wanted to avoid.


Still, I could not leave until the scouts returned with their results.

While I already knew the outcome, since I had already said that it was gone, I needed to wait for the results.

I wouldn’t be able to collect my reward until then.


As I thought of this…a voice rang in my head.

…It was from the slimes.


‘Yuji. Yuji.’


It wasn’t the slime that was on my shoulder now.

It was one of the slimes that were left in the Dryad forest.

…Had something happened there?


‘What is it?’


‘The Dryad wants to talk to you, Yuji.’


The Dryad? That was unusual.

However, it must be rather important if she went out of her way to use the slimes.


‘What is it?’


‘Did you know that really nice mushrooms grow after you kill a dragon?’




‘Yes. And the medicine made from these mushrooms will help the trees in the forest grow! But it’s so much work. Can you help me?’


Mushrooms that helped trees grow, huh?

I didn’t really understand, but I guess I could listen to her.


‘So, where should I go?’


‘Anywhere in the forest. As long as you are there, the Dryad will come!’


I see.

That’s right, the Dryad was able to teleport wherever there were trees.

And so I went to the forest.


‘Yuji. It’s been a while.’


Once I was quite far from the city, I heard the Dryad’s voice.

She was standing in front of a tree.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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