Tensei Kenja – 64


‘Yeah. Nice to see you. …So, about this mushroom gathering. Can it be tomorrow? I don’t have much MP left.’


I had killed the dragon in the Delight Forest, which was quite far from the city.

And so I would have preferred to return there in good condition…


‘But the mushrooms that grow after killing a dragon will disappear after one day if left alone. I don’t think they will last until tomorrow…’


The Dryad said with a sad expression.

Apparently, it couldn’t wait.


‘Is this medicine very valuable?’


‘Incredibly! There are different kinds of mushrooms, but I want the Red Dragon Mushroom to make Magic Potions. If humans drink it, it will recover most of their magic. And only a few drops of it will revive sick trees.’


…I see. That sounded very good.

The name of the mushroom seemed a little simple, but maybe it was because it was so rare that it was never given a decent name.

Not only did it not grow unless you killed a dragon, but they disappeared after one day. Hardly anyone would ever find them.


‘Would this potion help me recover my MP too?’


‘Ah… With your amount of magic, it might not make too much of a difference… The recovery amount is by normal people’s standards…’


Apparently, it wasn’t going to do me much good.

If it was so valuable, I thought maybe I could take some with me while I helped… But it seemed like it would hardly make a difference for me if I drank it before using Hellfire of Death.


‘Could you make a potion that would help me from the other mushrooms?’


‘Uhh… The Blue Dragon Mushroom can turn into Energy Recovery portions. I think it would work on you!’


‘Energy Recovery?’


‘It recovers you MP to what it was 10 minutes ago. I will probably only be able to make one, but it’s strong enough to work on a dragon!’


…It returned your MP to what it was 10 minutes ago?

In other words, if I used Hellfire of Death repeatedly while having full MP, then I could drink this potion and have full MP again?

That almost seemed too strong…?


‘I’ll help you gather the mushrooms. And can you make me that potion in exchange?’


‘Of course. I just want the Magic Potions.’


And so it was settled.

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