Tensei Kenja – 166


…The dragon now sounded very weak as it asked for help.

Even with the aid of cursed stakes, I had been wondering how the Blue Moon of Salvation had managed to capture it….but now I was beginning to understand.


In the natural world, dragons were the strongest of creatures.

And so they were not used to being attacked. This meant they were not always cautious.

Humans were weak. That was why they used weapons and trained to improve their skills.


As I considered this, I thought of a way to help the dragon.

What about using a barrier to block the stake? …However, given the amount of magic being used to fire the stake, I would have to use something that was in the same class as the ‘Suppression Isolation Barrier.’ 

However, that used up almost all of my MP. So I would rather not use it.


And it was too far for me to use Curse Break.

That magic did not have much range.

I could use it while it came flying towards the dragon, but it would be hard to actually hit it.


In that case, I had to break it before it was fired.

Even heatproof alloys had to have limits.

So, I needed to raise the temperature until it broke.


‘Alright. Magic Transfer—Helffire of Obliteration.’


I said as I activated the magic through the slimes.

The cannon with the cursed stake erupted into flames. However, it came out undamaged once again.


But this time, there were more parts of it that were glowing red.

And the parts that were thinner seemed like they were starting to melt.


(I knew it. It wasn’t perfectly heatproof.)

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  1. He can just use ice magic as well. Even if it’s heatproof rapid temperature fluctuation should make the cannon brittle.

  2. So, why not just use earth magic to dig a hole to hide in? I don’t recall anything about that cannon/weapon being a sure-hit, or capable of adjusting aim. Dunno, some options are being ignored, so Yuji should take a long break sometimes and just check on his skills and magics. Oh well, might as well go with brute force, at least the slimes might be happy.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • As for myself, my thought was to just rip it out of the ground and use the cannon as a battering ram to clear the way for the dragons escape.

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