Shatei Kyokufuri – 96

Data.89 – Old Bowman, Conclusion and Resolve

After returning to the field, I sat down on the beach where there was no one else, and opened my status.

◆ Status
Name: Kyuji
Job: Sagittarius
Lv: 3/50
HP: 160/160
MP: 140/140
Attack: 90
Defense: 40
Magic Attack: 40
Magic Defense: 30
Speed: 50
Star Area Range: 415

Bow Arts XII, Satisfying Shot, Arrow Fusion, Efficient Movement
In fight Arrow, Bound Arrow, Clear Arrow
Burning Arrow, Trident Arrow, Drill Arrow
Letter Arrow, Multi-shot, Immobile Sniping Stance
Sniping Insight, Intimidating Eyes

Charge Attack:
Sky Tear, Warp Arrow, I’m Arrow

Combination Charge Attack
Meteor Bow

Sagittarius was the special 3rd job.
Which felt quite familiar to me, as I was currently playing an event that was based on the Zodiac.
It was said that constellations were created when god raised the dead into the heavens.
In other words, you would have to die once in order to gain the job named after a constellation.

…It made me wonder about the other requirements.
Was there a way that I could find out?
I touched different parts of the status window until my finger landed on ‘Job: Sagittarius,’ and a small window popped up.

Like the archer that shines brightly in the sky, you will shoot arrows of light at enemies at a great distance.
With superior Range and Attack, it is a special 3rd job that only players who have a lot of skills and charge attacks related to bows can acquire.

-Class Change Requirements-
Have the Star Arrow item
Over 250 Attack
Over 400 Range
Over 10 bow skills
Over 2 bow charge attacks
Bow Arts is above 10
Die while fulfilling all of the above requirements.
*Status boosts from skills and equipment are counted when fulfilling the requirements.

Well, that was a thorough and perfect answer to my question…
The requirement when it came to Attack was quite easy, but you would have a difficult time reaching the necessary Range with just boosts from weapons and skills.
You would likely not reach it without putting a considerable amount of strengthening points into it.
As you were an archer constellation, you needed to be able to shoot as far as the stars in the sky.
Well, not that 400 meters was enough for that…

The skill related stuff was even harsher.
I had been using the bow ever since I started playing the game, and I still barely made it.
Especially rank 10 in Bow Arts. Bow Arts X was something I had just reached as a bonus for class changing to Bow Master.
If the game continued to be played, then there would be others who would reach it as well.
However, currently, it was something that only players who spent their whole day using a bow could reach.

The death requirement was also difficult.
If you knew about it, you could kill yourself and suffer the penalty.
And if your status relied on boosts from equipment and weapons, you could use something like poison, which would chip away at your HP without destroying your armor.
There were items that were highly poisonous and would do the job quickly if used.

But surely someone who didn’t know would not even try it.
In a way, that was the hardest requirement.
I suppose you could say that if someone never died during combat, then they were strong enough. And so there was no need for class change for a while…

Another thing I didn’t really understand was the Star Arrow.
In my case, it was a reward from Charin, and all the items she gave already existed within NSO.
In other words, there were other ways to acquire it.
I could not even imagine what those ways were, and so I didn’t know if it would be difficult or not. But since she had only given me one, it seemed right to assume that they were rare.

In conclusion…it was surprising that I had managed to do it.
Even though Charin had helped me a lot.
I would not forget to be grateful for that as I used Sagittarius.

Well, that was enough about the job. I should look at the other stuff.

The new charge attack was I’m Arrow.
I had experienced the effect already, but I wanted to know more.

[I’m Arrow]
Become an arrow and pierce the enemy.
Cooldown: 3 minutes

Hmm. Very easy to understand!
Not only was it very powerful, but it meant that I could move while also damaging whatever I came in contact with.
Perhaps it wasn’t as easy to use as War Arrow, but that had its own weaknesses as well.
It had no attack ability.
Warp Arrow could break through walls or erase enemy attacks. In fact, it would just warp me right in the middle of the enemy’s attack.

While I’m arrow may not be good for getting me to a desired location, it had tremendous attack ability.
I could go through walls and kill enemies while moving.
By using these two long distance transfer skills, my mobility would go way up.

And the cooldown was also quite fast… Though, I didn’t know if I would want to experience that spinning again so soon.

Furthermore, Bow Arts X had become Bow Arts XII.
I think it was less about matching the 12 constellations…and more of a special bonus for the special class change.
As for my status, it didn’t go up as much as it did when going from 2nd to 3rd.
While it was a special class change, you didn’t become that much stronger compared to when the number became bigger.

…I guess it’s time to talk about that thing…
What is Star Area Range?
It has ‘range’ in the name…
I touched the words ‘Star Area Range’ in my status and the details were displayed.
I hadn’t checked the description of my fixed status since starting the game.

‘‘Star Area Range’ is a fixed status of Sagittarius. Your range will be increased by its current number x 0.5, and the force, speed, and control of arrows is improved.’

So the fixed status of a job that you couldn’t change into without Range, has an effect that makes its Range shorter than normal…

I had a feeling that this would happen. Management knew.
The time had come for me to reach a certain conclusion in my adventures.
In terms of pure range, this ‘Star Area Range’ was inferior to the original ‘Range.’
Normal Range increased by 1 meter for every point, but with Star Area Range, it was 0.5.

In other words, my range would be halved.
On the other hand, the more points I put into it, the force, speed and control…which I wasn’t really sure about, but the overall attack ability would improve.

I had been putting all of my strengthening points into Range in order to prove my theory that ‘in VRMMOs with massive open fields, you could be the strongest if you chipped away at enemies from a distance where they couldn’t launch a counter attack.’
So, had I been right?

My conclusion…
Yes, I was very strong. However, there wasn’t much meaning in increasing it too much. And fire power…was also important!

It’s true that the field in VRMMO’s are big.
With my current range, if I activated Immobile Sniping Stance, I could take down monsters on the field without being struck back.
Yes, the weakest monsters…

But with dungeons and boss fights…the area was restricted.
The recent battle with the white and black kings in the Gemini labyrinth was a good example.
Range was not too useful when fighting in closed off spaces.

However, it was very useful during PvP.
Had I not had great Range during the battle royale, I would not have gotten the most kills.
I would not have done much and would have never caught Necoco’s eye. I would not have learned more about her.

It was the same with the turf war.
If I couldn’t attack enemies until they were close to the fortress, then they would have been able to surround me and it would be over. The range of control for the ally monsters and AI warriors would have also been smaller, and I wouldn’t have been able to attack the enemy base.
I would have been the idiot who ignored Hatake’s suggestion and stayed behind. And there would be no MVP for me.
Well, I think I would still enjoy playing the game, like I was now. But I wouldn’t take back all of the things that I had experienced.

Those experiences, adventures and people I met were irreplaceable.
None of them were things that I could lose.
And…they were all things I gained because of ‘Range.’

However, I had been wondering for a while if there was any point in continuing to extend it.
Long range…no, it was ultra range. Was there really a place where this would be useful?

Having a range that was far superior to others was a good strategy.
I would never abandon that.
But I wasn’t sure that I could keep up this pace if I relied on Range alone.

In a way, ‘Star Area Range’ was a lifesaver.
My Range would continue to grow, just more slowly, and the abilities of the arrows would be enhanced…!
As the bow was my only weapon, it made sense to raise my arrow abilities instead of my attack status.

And in the future, if it turned out that I did need more Range…I could class change back to Bow Master.
It was possible to go back to classes that you had before.
And since the numbers of Range and Star Area Range were connected, my Range would continue to increase.
Perhaps it would come in handy during a new event.
This class change had now offered me a new option of switching.

I would fight with these two pillars, Range and Star Area Range!

“So, I was able to find the answer…to this question I had been asking myself.”

There was no change in appearance for Sagittarius.
While my arrow glowed brightly, I myself did not shine like gold.
However, there was a difference that was even bigger for me than the status and skills.

Attacking enemies from far away in order to defeat them without getting hit.

That concept I would not change.
But the distance between me and the enemy depended on the battle situation.
Like this time, large enemies had wide-area attacks that I couldn’t avoid.
However, at least I didn’t have to fight them close-quarters. I had the freedom of being able to always move around and still keep the enemy within range of my own attacks.
And so my biggest weapon would continue to be Range.

“This will be a new start for me.”

I said to no one in particular. With this resolve in my heart…my adventure would continue.


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  1. Interested to see how he handles this class – though there isn’t too big of a change, at least not immediately.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. I always wondered if the rewards of materials and stuff in these trials were unique things that were only available during this trial. Turns out that they naturally exist in the game and can be acquired through other methods too. They’re just really rare is all.

    Also what a weird requirement that you need to die after fulfilling a bunch of other requirements in order to get the Sagittarius job.

    So the devs nerfed Range for Sagittarius and turned the stat into Star Area Range instead. Well even with halved range, 415 meters is still very long range and I don’t think there’d actually be many situation that require a range longer than that so there isn’t much need to switch back to the Bow Master class. He can keep putting points into Star Area Range if he still wants a longer shooting range while simultaneously increasing the power of his arrows other parameters.

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