Shinmai Boukensha – 19

Day 19: The Black-colored One

Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 2nd day.
Weather: Sunny

While the weather is nice, it is a little hot during this time of the year.
Today, I’ve camped outside of the dungeon’s entrance since morning after setting a trap for the dungeon ants.

But the heat has made the smell from both the dungeon and the trap even more pungent… Ah, I’m starting to feel a little dizzy.
Just then, I felt something pull the rope in my hand. Had it come?
But one must not get overexcited. You must alternate between strengthening and loosening your hold in order to lower its guard.
And so little by little I tugged, and then when the timing was right, I pulled all at once, and then there was a gray dungeon ant on the other side of the rope!!
I did it!! It was my second ant of the day. Things were going well!!

…Is what I thought. But shortly before midday, they stopped biting completely.
The rope in my hand lay limply on the ground.
As I had no choice, I decided to have an early lunch.
The innkeeper had packed me a lunch made with leftovers from breakfast. The taste was not bad.
Now, time to eat…!!?

—Gah…ouch…something had pulled the rope suddenly… Ahhh!? My lunch!?
Heh. Hehe. Now I was angry. A grudge based on food is a terrible thing. Did you know that, you little ant? It will be all out war!!

This time I was not going to let it escape, and so I pulled the rope carefully and with delicate but also bold movement.
However, the enemy was not going to make things easy, and we were at a stalemate for a while… In that case, it would be a test of endurance! I won’t lose, you hear!?

I wonder how much time passed? Just as I was starting to get tired, the dungeon ant revealed itself.
Huh? It was a little bigger than usual? Huh? And it was…black!?
The black, thick limbed dungeon ant… Ah, is this a soldier ant!?

Why am I able to catch monsters from the center layer!?
Ah, this is no good…it was completely prepared for war.
…It cannot be helped then. I must face it.

And so I held up my short sword with my right hand and cut at it.
It dodged!? It’s faster than the gray ones! And then it spit out some liquid!?
Woah! It’s hot!? It hurts!!
When I looked down, I saw that the liquid had stuck to a part of my clothes, and it was burning and melting… This was bad.

After that, it continued to be a battle of advancing and then retreating. That is, until the ant decided to try and end it once and for all.
When there was just the smallest opening, it used its powerful mandibles to clamp onto my shortsword. Gah, it won’t move… I can’t let it spit that liquid on me at this distance!
Just then, I had a feeling that the black eyes of the ant, which shouldn’t be showing any emotion, were laughing at me.

But look here, you little ant. Don’t you know that everyone has at least one or two tricks up their sleeve?
And so I quickly used my left hand to grab the dagger at my waist, and without losing any momentum, plunged it into the neck of the ant.
After a second of resistance, it severed the ant’s head from its body.
Ah, I won!! …That’s what you get for taking my lunch.

After that, I took the mana crystal, chest carapace, and mandibles. As the materials from soldier ants were hard, they could be used to make armor.
Now, that was enough for today. I’m tired.
…I’ll sell the materials tomorrow. I still have enough to stay at the inn.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze: -3(Lunch)
-11(Inn)(Bed: A, Food: C)
(To be sold: Scrap mana crystals x2, mana crystal(small) x1, Soldier ant carapace x1, Soldier ant mandibles 1 set)
Balance: 84 bronze

。(‘-‘。)(。’-‘)。 I’m so excited. I can’t wait to sell them tomorrow♪

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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  1. Hopefully that soldier ant can sell well. Also wasn’t there supposed to be a guard posted there too? Where’d he go? He could have helped fight the soldier ant.

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