Two Saints – 161


Arthur talked to Adol as if he pitied him.

“The king’s role is to take on the burden of unifying the country. It’s no concern of mine how roles are distributed within the county. However, when someone takes on the role of diplomat as a representative of the king, then they must have the backing of the other territories as well.”

In other words, even though he may claim to be the king’s representative, as long as the other territories didn’t accept Lord Adol, he had no authority at all.

“In that case, kings of other countries have more power than you. Do you understand?”

Lord Adol was likely stunned by this. They could see his back sway.

“Ah, this is bad.”
“What? Chiharu. Oh, you’re right.”

While Lord Adol was a concern, but Chiharu and Maki were now interested in something else.

“I’m pretty sure that it was closed off with a divider. Maybe there was a different entrance?”
“What? We kicked that thing down.”
“Huh? But wasn’t it made of hard rock?”
“It was just plaster.”

Chiharu and Maki’s attention had been diverted to the gazers that were slowly gathering together on top of the castle. Both of them usually saw gazers during the night. It was either the night or when they overflowed from the dungeons. And so they couldn’t help but see this as a state of emergency. In fact, that’s what it was.

“No, no, Amia. Why did you have to let the gazers out during a time like this? Things are already so tense.”
“Ah, but you two can control gazers just fine. I just didn’t think that the wall was necessary.”

There was nothing they could say to that. But while Sauro’s face expression rarely changed, Chiharu saw that he looked at Amia with surprise for just one moment.

In other words…

“You just did it without thinking, and then made up a random excuse.”
“What are you talking about, Chihaaru?”
“No, nevermind.”

Chiharu frantically waved a hand in front of her face. There was no point in exposing him right here.

“Alright, Chiharu. I’ll keep on watching Arthur and the others. You watch the gazers.”
“Got it. For now, I’ll put them where they won’t draw attention. Uhh…”

Chiharu’s eyes scanned the area.

“Chiharu, have them gather here on the inner side of the wall, as much as possible.”

She followed Edwy’s advice and had the gazers move to an area where it would be difficult to see them from below. In the meantime, the conversation continued.

“In other words, as long as it is not clear where the king of this country is, and there is no representative, I, King Arthur of Midland, will temporarily represent Highland.”

His voice was not only heard by Lord Adol, but by those on the roof as well. Even the people of the castle heard it, as they were all quiet and straining their ears.

“Thank you, Arthur. While I have been spineless, I can rely on Arthur.”

The king of Highland muttered as he lay down.

“Oh, it’s continuing.”

Maki said, and everyone’s gaze moved away from the king and back to Arthur.

“It will only be for a short while. Under me, Prince Norfe will be able to study on how to be a leader. And eventually, he will be able to represent this country.”

Any fears the people had over Arthur’s claim disappeared once he promised that Norfe would one day rule. Even on the roof, there was an air of relief.

“H-however, surely the other territories have not officially accepted you…”

Arthur turned around and pointed at those who stood behind him.

“They are proof that I have the permission of all the countries.”
“B-but, Highland does…”
“I should have realized it the moment the king fell ill and stopped appearing publicly. Perhaps you did have the ability to rule, but you’ve lost the right the moment you commited the crime.”
“I haven’t committed any crime!”
“Then where is the Saintess that you abducted?”

Before they knew it, the castle gates had been opened. It wasn’t just the soldiers from the other countries, but the town’s people had also entered the castle grounds and were listening.

“How weak is this country’s security…”
“In the first place, even if there are gates, there is no castle in this world that shuts out its citizens. I’m sure this gate was also usually left open.”

Amia said. And he was probably right, given the reaction of the others.

As for what was happening in the garden, Arthur’s accusation seemed to embolden Adol once again.

“Saintess? Abducted? What could you be talking about?”

He spread out his arms and shrugged.

Well, it might be their turn to make an appearance soon. Maki and Chiharu became a little excited.

“Adol. Though you did abduct the Saintess, had you only shut her up in a castle room and treated her well, we would not have had to expose all your evil deeds.”
“What do you mean?”

Adol said angrily as Arthur talked in a pitying voice.

“Did you not know that Saintesses and monsters can communicate through the heart?”
“The heart?”
“And so through monsters, a Saintess can send information to another Saintess. Abducting a Saintess in order to create magic stones has become your downfall.”
“Surely not.”

Adol turned around and looked to the castle. He might as well have been admitting it. Now, even those who had believed him would have their doubts.

“Y-you have no proof.”
“So you still deny it.”

Arthur sighed. Then he looked up towards the roof and shouted.


As if he had been waiting for this, Edwy nodded towards Maki, Chiharu, Norfe and the king.

“Now, it’s your turn.”

Maki was excited, and Chiharu a little tired as they were picked up by the birdfolk. And like that, they flew down to where Arthur and the others waited.

“You! Saintess! H-how did you get out?”
“You finally admitted it, villain! Chiharu has been contacting me about her situation!”

Maki said angrily as she pointed a finger at Adol.

“The monsters…surely they don’t actually…it’s impossible!”

As Adol grew pale, Maki chuckled and then turned to Chiharu. Unfortunately, no one, including Chiharu, pointed out jokingly that Maki was a Saintess as well.

“Okay! Monsters! Come out!”

In an instant, the monsters on the roof began to flood down as if they were crawling over the castle.
It was like black water was pouring down, and there was something ominous about it.

“Stop! Wait right there!”

And just like Chiharu ordered, the monsters stopped perfectly.

“I know that you tricked the birdfolk and abducted Chiharu! That you locked her up in a dungeon below the castle in order to make magic stones! Now, do not struggle so we can tie you up with ropes!”
“Ropes… Maki-chan…”

Chiharu muttered quietly at Maki’s attempt at a signature phrase. But no one else noticed.

“Seize Adol.”

Adol groaned at Arthur’s words. It was clear that he had no will to resist now.

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