Tensei Kenja – 165


‘If you take too long, the reinforcements will arrive.’


‘I hope they do. Then I’ll kill every last one of them.’


‘I hope it will be that easy…’


From my own experience, individual members of the Blue Moon of Salvation were not very strong.

However, they often carried things that were unknown to me—things like cursed stakes.


‘I can deal with the rest here. Why don’t you just escape for now?’


The Universal Purification Device was important, but in the end, it was just a machine.

What if they had another one hidden in another mountain… That would mean they could just capture the dragon again and continue on with their plan.


‘That may be the wise thing to do. But if they bring another Cursed Stake… Who knows? I might get trapped again.’


‘Yeah. That’s what I’m worried about.’


‘But still… Surely we can deal with it together? …I wish to make them pay with my own hands. Please help me.’


Together, huh.

Indeed… Even if they did use another stake, I could dispell the curse.


Of course, there was the possibility that the enemy had even more powerful weapons… Still, I liked the idea of being able to destroy the base and make it look like it was all the dragon’s work. Besides, if the dragon was their target, then the enemy’s attacks would not be focused on the slimes.

The problem was, I could run out of energy after the fight. And if they were to capture the dragon then…that would be the worst possible outcome…


‘Okay, but we’ll retreat when half of my MP is depleted. I’ll help you if you promise to obey that condition.’


‘Thank you. So…I will do as much as I can until then.’


The dragon said. And then it returned to destroying the walls.

I watched this as I said to the slimes,


‘Stay by the exits just in case. I don’t want anyone to escape.’




And so the slimes started to move towards the exits.

Now, even if the enemy realized what was happening, they would not be able to leave.

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  1. Even with all that pent up rage, this dragon can still think, nice. Still, don’t trouble the adorable puddings, not cool. Let’s see what will those blue crap bring up, surely they have something planned in case big black escapes.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. It’s great that the dragon is somewhat level headed. I do so enjoy when a bad guy’s plans get absolutely shat on by our protagonist!

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