Tensei Kenja – 70


…True. It would be hard to cook when the area is filled with smoke…

Good restaurants took care of what kind of flames were used.


I could try going to a different town and acquire some wood, but in this cold, there would probably be a lot of competition.

And that seemed like a lot of work just for some food.

In that case…


“Would I be allowed to cut down some of the trees around here for firewood?”


“Not the trees within the town. But you could go outside the walls and cut those trees. …But we wouldn’t use them for cooking unless the wood has been dried out for a year.”


I see. So I could cut the trees outside.

Why not see if I could make some firewood then?


It would usually take a whole year to dry them properly. But maybe I could do it with magic.

After all, I had a skill called ‘Altering Magic.’


“Okay. Thank you for the information.”


“No problem! …Please come again when we have more firewood!”


And so I left after this conversation and went out into the forest.

I still had to think of a way to dry them, but the acquisition of the materials came first.


…But before that…

I tried using the magic I had just found.


“Magic Insulation.”


I said. And then all of the coldness I had felt disappeared as if it had never been there.

I had looked through my magic while walking and had found the perfect one.


There was lots of snow in the forest, and so it would make a big difference.

Now I could go and gather wood without worrying.

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