Tensei Kenja – 93


Said Zyce, who was the person I had helped with healing magic a little while ago.

I was glad that he was looking good now.


…Well, it would seem rude to say no after they insisted this much.

And I had nothing better to do. So I would join them.


“Okay. I’ll go.”


“Great! We should hurry then! The others will be waiting!”


And so they pulled me towards the largest tavern in Rikardo.

As soon as the 3 of us entered…a roar of applause erupted.


“Ah! The star of the night has finally arrived!”


“Zyce, you’re late!”


I was a little confused at this reaction, and so I asked Udoka about it.


“Star? …Oh, are they talking about you?”


“Stop being dense. Who could it be if not you? You solved the firewood crisis in an instant and then healed Zyce and his family. You are the star of this ‘Snow-Melting Party.’”


The others all nodded at this.

…So word of my firewood gathering had spread very far then…


“So, Yuji. Please make a toast.”


I had just done my job as an Adventurer. There was no need to throw a party for that…

But it seemed a little late to break this news to them.


Besides, I was sure that they just wanted an excuse to drink a lot.

And so they would just be annoyed if I didn’t cooperate.


“All right, leave it to me!”


I said as I accepted my drink.

Then I raised it high into the air and said,


“To the snow melting in Rikardo!”




The tavern was filled with the sounds of cheers and glasses hitting each other.

And then the party to celebrate the melting of the snow began.



After the party had gone on for several hours.

Some of the people had collapsed from too much drinking. And so I took out the Blue Moon of Salvation’s assassination candidates list and started to look through it again.


I had been able to meet more people during the party.

And so I wanted to send some slimes to protect any who might be on this list.


Not only would I be able to protect them, but it might help me track down the movements of the organization as well.

Still, it would be better if none of them were on.


Suddenly, I realized that there were names on the other side of the page I was holding as well.

It seemed that there had not been enough space, and so they had written on the other side.

I looked at it and froze.



Assassination targets: Additional candidates:


Adventurer: Guido

Adventurer: Roberto

Adventurer: August

Adventurer: Conrad

Adventurer: Yuji



My name was on the list.


…It couldn’t be me, could it?

Yuji wasn’t an unusual name, after all.

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  1. Sure, it’s not your name, of course a main character won’t be targeted by them terrorists. Poor Yuji, doing the whole escape reality thing. On the plus side, he’s got hundreds of those adorable magic puddings helping him.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Somehow I felt the denseness of the protagonist of this series being spotlighted very often and in very obvious ways, especially when compared to other series including those with black hole status. Not sure if the author is making fun of dense protagonist trope or intentional aiming to create the densest protagonist.

      • Well, he’s pretty much constantly on the move and doesn’t have any long term humanoid companions nearly 100 chapters in, let alone forming a harem what can be called his close confidants or even friends is that army of slimes.

        Unless his harem is the slime army 😛

    • His denseness is still within the believable range, for people recently laid off from slave-driving company work. Now if he can just shake off the habit of working all-nighters, as if he has a deadline, maybe his higher brain functions will be able to reboot.

      • This got me thinking for a bit.

        He wasn’t laid off and doesn’t have the habit of working all-nighters. He have been trained to do it, but he doesn’t do it unless needed after being transferred. The only time he used his all-nighters experience is only during the adventurer test in Fastan and camping outside Kiria.

        I feel that this is less of his higher brain functions not working but more of his low self esteem, given his past history including the event of him staying in the company despite being ordered back to work the next day after he was sent to the hospital after working through several nights in a row in extreme coldness. So for me his denseness is as believable as dense harem protagonists with low self esteem, and so far there wasn’t any obvious contradiction in the story to him having low self esteem. Sure there are plenty of situation showing his confidence in his abilities especially in combat and solving issues, but regarding self esteem his actions and thoughts reflects on the lower end.

        If this is the case, yes his denseness is believable. As long he doesn’t start to show high self esteem behaviour out of nowhere in the future.

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