Tensei Kenja – 35


“Sorry to keep you waiting!”


“I’ll make up for the lost time!”


Adventurers that had been treated for their wounds started to return to the frontlines.

The medicine that was made from the Dria flowers was incredibly potent.


With our fighting force restored, the once crumbling defense line began to recover.

And it was during that time that the Proud Wolf contacted me.


‘Yuji! We’ll arrive in one minute!’


‘We can see the town now!’


‘Don’t attack us!’


…So I wouldn’t have to buy time anymore.

Once the Proud Wolf arrived, it would take maybe two minutes to put the slimes in position…


“I will activate the magic in three minutes! I need you all to be behind the gates by then!”






The Adventurers answered.


“I will relay the message to the other gates!”


A guild worker went to tell the other Adventurers of the order.


Now, it was almost time to use Hellfire of Death and some new magic.

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