10 Years After – 184


There had been other hidden entrances to the underground. And now there were nearly a hundred vampires.


“We killed so many, and yet there were this much left!”

“At least there are no machines or evil dragons!”

“Goran, Eric. You deal with him. Serulis, Shia, Grulf. We’ll take down the weak ones.”





I unsheathed the Devil King Sword and cut into the closest vampire.

Shia and Serulis also started fighting.

There were no lesser vampires. They were a mixture of archs and lords.


My role was to allow Eric and Goran to focus on the fight with the mysterious vampire.

At the same time, I had to support Serulis and the others.


“Grulf, stay close to me.”



I watched over the entire scene and unleashed my magic and used my sword where I could.

Serulis and Shia were doing excellent work. They fought bravely against the lords.

Eric and Goran also seemed to be gaining an advantage.

Perhaps they had heard the noise because evil dragons were starting to fly towards us, but Dorgo kept them at bay.


I couldn’t hold back. I used spell after spell to kill the vampires.

And then I saw a lord appear right behind Goran as he fought.



Just as the lord appeared, Serulis’s sword flashed.

The lord had moved as mist, but now its head flew in the air. Serulis had predicted its movement, it seemed.

Before the head hit the ground, Serulis swung her sword again and split it into two.


“Thank you!”

“Don’t mention it!”

Goran sounded very happy. It was nice seeing Serulis and Shia grow.


Then, when we had fought long and hard to kill ninety percent of them…

‘Locke! They’ve attacked! We need your help!!’

Kathe’s voice sounded from the bracelet. She did not sound calm.


“I’ll go right now. Eric!”

“Aye, leave the rest to us!”

“We’ll follow you as soon as we are finished here.”


Eric moved away from the mysterious vampire. The vampire tried to pursue him, but Goran blocked him.

Then a lord appeared and attacked Goran, but Serulis cut him down.


In the meantime, I touched Eric’s shield and sent magic into it in order to activate the teleport.

And then I jumped into it. Grulf followed me.


I arrived in the water dragon settlement. We burst out of the shed where the magic circle had been placed.

From above the settlement, an evil dragon looked at us as it flew in the sky.

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