10 Years After – 54


However, I did not have enough with me, so I ran over to the Adventurer’s guild and withdrew some money.

I was now able to withdraw from my funds 10 years ago with my Adventurer’s card.


After finishing our shopping, we decided to return to the house.

Serulis sounded worried as she muttered,


“I wonder if Milka was able to buy everything.”

“I’m sure she was. She lived alone in the capital all this time.”

“That’s true.”


And so we all headed towards the store that sold the cleaning supplies.

When we arrived, we heard what sounded like an argument happening in the back road.

It was loud enough that we could hear it from where we were.

I handed Gerberga to Luchila and ran in the direction of the voice.


“Let go of me!”

“Shut up! We finally found you, you little brat!”

“Running away like that. I won’t forgive you!”


I could see that three unsavory-looking adults had surrounded her.


“You already took grandpa’s house, and now you want even more money!”

“What? As if that shack would be enough to pay your grandfather’s debts!”

“I don’t know anything about that! And those important people said I didn’t have to pay!”

“This has nothing to do with the law!”

“It is only right, that as his grandchild, you should pay off his debts!”

“Well, too bad! I don’t have any money!”


Milka was holding her own quite well.

But I had to help her quickly. And so I rushed forward.


“Grulf, don’t attack them.”


I said as Grulf ran next to me.


“We’ve seen you out shopping!”

“It looks like you have plenty of money to me.”

“This isn’t my money.”

“And what is that to us?”


Without saying a word, I got in between Milka and the thugs.


“What, who are you?”

“This child’s guardian.”

“Guardian? Does that mean you are going to pay off her debts?”

“Are you an idiot?”


I had been made quite irritated by now, and so I replied in a way that was purposely enraging.

I couldn’t exactly forgive these thugs who disregarded the law and attacked a child who had no legal responsibility to pay off any debts.


“Milka has no responsibility to pay anything.”

“Who cares.”

“I see. Well, it means nothing to me whether an idiot like you understands it or not.”

“Why, you! Are you mocking us?”

“I can’t imagine you expected to recover much money by surrounding a child. Are you alright in the head?”

“This brat seems like she might polish up nicely. We were going to sell her to a brothel!”


Milka let out a terrified groan.


“And yet, isn’t the slave trade abolished?”

“We would have sold her to another country, of course. Perhaps you would like to become a slave too, and work at the mines? If you wouldn’t like that, hand over the brat.”

“As if I would do that.”

“He’s a stubborn one. Show him some pain.”


The one who was probably the leader said. And then the two others attacked.

They were so very slow. But I allowed them to get in a few punches. I even pretended to take some damage.

Of course, this was so I could claim that I was acting in self-defense. The people on the streets were now looking in our direction.

I was only careful that Gerberga was not hurt in any way.


“Mister Locke, leave me and run!”


Milka shouted with an expression that was on the verge of tears.

I felt like I had done something bad to her then.

I had shown her my magic, but she had not understood how advanced it was.

And so she must see me as a rich man who was not particularly strong.


“Gahaha! This is what you get for stepping out of your lane!”


The leader said with a very pleased laugh.

I had quite enough now. And so I slammed a fist into the face of the first attacker.

Blood ran from his nose in a furious rush. I think the bone must have broken.

To the second attacker, I gave an upward kick into his jaw. Several of his front teeth went flying.


And to the shocked leader, I gave a great punch to the stomach with my fist.


A torrent of foul vomit poured from his mouth as he fell to the floor.

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