10 Years After – 55


“It’s true. We aren’t lying.”

“We were looking for a young girl in order to retrieve her grandfather’s debts.”


The frightening illusion continued to intimidate.


“Now you are just talking nonsense. This granddaughter is merely a child.”

“I understand your meaning. But children can be tricked and be worth some money!”

“You wouldn’t get a whole lot through tricking a child. You better start telling me the truth!”

“We weren’t going to make the child pay. We would sell her. There are secret routes that pay very well.”

“Oh. And do you do this kind of business often?”

“I know what you are thinking. You’ve never heard of this, have you? Well, it is an operation that Kabino is attempting to start, so it is no wonder.”

“Attempting? So no children had been tricked just yet?”

“Ah, not yet. But we have our eyes on many children. Perhaps there will be some work for all of you as well.”


These were some hopeless scum. I would have to crush not just them but this Kabino as well.

The only good thing about all of this was that it hadn’t started yet, and no children had been harmed.


The illusion pulled out a club.


“It looks like I won’t be able to let you live after all.”



The thugs looked shocked as the illusory club came down on them.





As it was an illusion, there were no visible wounds. However, the pain was felt.

This continued for some time until the thugs became unconscious from the agony.


“Now…we can hand them over to the authorities.”

“Aren’t you going to go and defeat this Kabino?”

“It might be better to let the authorities handle it. What do you think, Milka?”

“Huh? Oh. But also… What was wrong with these men anyway?”


Only the thugs had been able to see the illusions.

And so to Milka, the thugs had seemed to become talkative out of nowhere.

Not only that, but they had suddenly started howling in pain before passing out. It would have been very surprising.


“They must have been on some dangerous drugs.”

“Is that so. How terrifying.”

Milka said believingly.


After that, I, Serulis and Grulf, each carried one of them in order to turn them in.

As Serulis was the daughter of Lord Morton, I let her do the explaining.


Serulis gave a proper account of Kabino’s plans as well, so I thought that everything should be fine.

I thought this, but the officials looked a little troubled.

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