10 Years After – 56

The Villain, Kabino


Serulis was quick to notice the discomfort of the officers.


“Is there a problem?”

“No… Well, yes. Perhaps it is something we can disclose to the daughter of Lord Morton.”


So saying, the most elite of the officers present began to explain.

Serulis was not only a noble, but as Goran was her father, they had a high degree of trust in her.


Apparently, the man who had begun to talk had the position of the district manager.

He was the chief person responsible for this district.


He told us that Kabino led what was essentially a private army.

Simply, the district did not have enough personnel to deal with him.

This meant that they would constantly have to request aid from headquarters before acting.


“I see. That would make it a very big operation then.”

“Yes. That was what we had hoped…”

“Did something else go wrong?”


According to the district manager, they had previously gained evidence of Kabino’s crimes.

They had then requested aid from above but were instead ordered to halt the entire operation.

This suggested that Kabino must have ties to certain parts of the aristocracy.

And this, in turn, had an effect on his superior officers.


“So he is much bigger than we thought.”

“It annoys us greatly… Because of this, I am thinking of going to the Adventurer’s Guild for help instead, this time.”


He would only be told to halt the operation again if he contacted his superiors.

And so he intended on gaining military support through making a request to the Adventurer’s Guild.


“I see. And since I am the Grand Masters’s daughter, you are telling me this.”

“That is right. I don’t know when someone might interfere. It would be best if you could tell your father directly.”

“I don’t mind that… But won’t you get in trouble?”

“I am prepared for that.”

“So, you will get in trouble?”

“But still, I cannot forgive Kabino. His acts of evil are hurting innocent civilians.”


It seemed that the district manager was a very noble person.

Of course, bypassing his superiors and going to the Adventurer’s Guild would have consequences.

A pay cut would be generous. But a demotion or dismissal was just as likely.


“I understand how you feel…”


So saying, Serulis looked towards us. She wanted to know my opinion, I suppose.

And so I asked the district manager.


“Can I ask you one question?”

“What is it?”

“How will you be paying the Adventurer’s Guild for their support?”

“We plan to use part of the district’s budget.”

“And will your superiors allow that?”

“Please rest assured. If they do not, then the money will come from my own pockets.”


The district chief believed that I was doubting their ability to pay the fee.


“I do not think that paying from your own pockets is a good idea.”

“But…there is no other way…”


“More than ever, we cannot allow Kabino to get away with his crimes.”


I too did not want to see Kabino get away.

Besides, having such a diligent district manager being punished would be a loss for the kingdom.

And so I made up my mind.


“I understand. Then we should deal with this without going to the guild.”



He was surprised. Likely, he was wondering what this crazy man was saying.


But I had decided to break into Kabino’s house.

Of course, saying as much would only make him try to stop me.

I was only an F Rank Warrior, after all.

And so it was necessary to deceive the district manager a little.


“As you know, Miss Morton here has deep ties with the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“Yes. That is right.”

“It is possible to hire Adventurers through secret and personal connections.”

“I see…”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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