10 Years After – 56


“And then we shall go and visit this Kabino at his house, and demand that he leave Milka alone.”

“I am sure Kabino will only have you attacked if you did that?”

“I would hope so. We would have plenty of reason to arrest him then.”

“I see.”

“We can say that the Adventurers were are friends, and they just happened to be with us. There should be no issue there.”


The district manager thought about this.


This is how it would appear.

As Milka’s family, we and our friends are visiting Kabino to negotiate.

In spite of this, Kabino sets his guards on us without warning or legitimate reason.

Officers who happened to witness the scene would go in and arrest him. Something like that.


A little provoking during the visit should be more than enough.

And if he isn’t so easily provoked, I could just use an illusion to humiliate him.


“I understand. We shall try it that way, then.”


And so I was able to receive his consent.


We decided on the time for when we would act, before going outside.

When we were out, I lowered my head to Milka.


“I am sorry. Milka. I should have asked if we could use your name as part of the plan.”


Of course, we would have her wait in a safe place.

But it was not good to use people’s names without their consent.


“Don’t worry about that! More importantly, thank you, Mister Locke.”


“You’re going to make this Kabino person pay, aren’t you? I’m glad!”

“Don’t mention it. It will benefit everyone in the kingdom as well.”

“You’re very good, Mister Locke.”


Milka said, sounding impressed.

On the other hand, Serulis seemed like she was deep in thought as we walked.


“We will need a lot of help to ensure that he doesn’t escape.”

“That’s true.”

“I could ask daddy…and hire about five men.”

“It’s not the best thing, bypassing the guild.”

“That’s true, but…”

“And so I’m thinking about asking Shia’s friends. And I also have two friends that are Adventurers.”

“But what if Shia is busy?”

“In that case, we will just have to make do without them.”


To be honest, I could do it all alone.

But in any case, Serulis was very skilled, and Luchila was a great Sorcerer.

Grulf was a pup, but the size of a small horse. Much stronger than a human.


“I see. Yes! My sword arm is just itching!”


Serulis said excitedly.

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  1. It’s a shame he doesn’t know anyone in power, like perhaps the king, who could negate the ties the criminal has with the aristocracy

    • You know, maybe he’s just trying to solve things his own ways, rather than just stomp roll people or go ask for help from daddy eric and mommy goran?

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