10 Years After – 57


The district manager had brought half of his subordinates, which was ten men.

He was not able to bring them all, as that would impact their other daily duties.


“I will go with Serulis and Milka. Luchila, you and the others stay here.”

“I’m trembling with excitement.”


Milka looked nervous. She was shaking and perhaps a little afraid.

On the surface, I would appear to be Milka’s guardian and ask them to leave her alone.

I had decided that taking her would make it easier to talk and appear more proper.


However, if she was this afraid, it might be better that she didn’t come.

It would make things harder to explain, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t manage.


“Milka. Would you rather stay here with Luchila?”

“No, I am going too! It’s my problem as well.”

“I see. But don’t worry. I will protect you.”

“Ah, oh. Thank you.”


Then I turned to Luchila and said,


“Take anyone who tries to escape.”

“Leave it to us. And you be careful, Mister Locke.”




Everyone seemed roused for what was to come. Especially Grulf.

He probably wanted to make up for his failure to wake up the other day when there was a suspicious noise.


“Grulf. Don’t do anything dangerous.”


“And listen to Luchila.”



I patted him on the head. Grulf’s tail wagged happily.


After that, we walked up to the door of Kabino’s house in order to ring the bell.

Just as I was about to ring it, I heard a small scream.


“Ahhhhhh! Help me!”

“Don’t think you can escape!”

“Please! Forgive me!”


The screaming and shouting were coming from within the building.

It seemed like Kabino’s house was mostly soundproof.

I had come very close to the door and could only barely hear the screaming.


“It sounds like an emergency. Milka, you must wait here with Luchila.”

“Yes. Understood!”


Once I saw that Milka had returned to Luchila, I tore the door down with my sword.

Of course, it was the Devil King Sword. The door came apart like butter.

I kicked down the remains and charged into the building.

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  1. I can’t wait for this mid boss’s connections that are higher ups for the district manager to try to come down on the district manager until the king steps in, banishes the higher up and promotes district manager! HAHAHAHA just think id this mid boss used his connections to try to do something to MC, hahaha oh the joy that would come from that show!

    MC going to be making an appearance like CHRIS MUTHAEFFING HANSON!

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