10 Years After – 25


We arrived in the village without further interruptions.

I made a report to the chief and returned the sheep to him, which made him very happy.

As an Adventurer, it was always nice to see people overjoyed at your solution to their problem.


On the way back to the capital, Serulis was in a good mood.



She was even humming a tune.


“What is it, Serulis?”

“I was just thinking about how happy they were.”

“I see. That’s good.”



Luchila was still carrying Gerberga.

It never went wild. It would just cluck quietly from time to time.

Serulis looked at it and muttered.


“It really just looks like a chicken.”


In fact, I completely agreed with her.

However, I couldn’t call Luchila’s dear Lord Gerberga a chicken.


Predictably, Luchila took offense to Serulis’s words.


“What is wrong with you! Are you mocking Lord Gerberga!”

“Oh, not at all.”

“Then why are you smirking!”

“I’m not smirking.”


This was like watching children fight.

But it was probably best to let them do as they pleased, to a certain degree.


I thought this as we walked, when suddenly, I sensed a threat in the air.


Something was falling from the sky towards Luchila at an incredible speed.

I moved faster than it.

I lightly pushed Luchila out of the way and grabbed the neck of the thing and slammed it into the ground.



It was a vampire. It was coughing blood after having hit the ground.





Gerberga and Luchila were shocked.

Serulis had sensed it too and had been in the middle of unsheathing her sword. It was an impressive reaction speed.

Still, it had not been fast enough to protect Luchila.


I looked at the vampire and said,


“The sun hasn’t even set yet.”

“Bastard…what are you?”

“I have no intention of introducing myself to a lesser vampire.”

“Bastard! You dare mock me!”


This anger suggested that he was not a lesser vampire.

Calling a vampire a lesser vampire when they weren’t one, was the most effective insult.

I would have to use it more often.


“What is your aim?”

“It was trying to get Lord Gerberga!”


Luchila answered before the vampire could.

He was probably right, but I wanted to hear it from the vampire’s mouth.


“Luchila, could you be quiet for a second.”

“Yes. I understand…”


And I asked again,


“Were you ordered to do this by a Vampire Lord?”

“I will never tell!”


The vampire started to transform into a swarm of bats.

I could not allow him to escape.

Just as I was about to activate Drain Touch,


Gerberga cried at a high pitch.


In an instant, the parts of the vampire that had transformed into bats turned into ash.



“Of course… The God Fowl…would not permit me to escape…”


The vampire muttered in resignation and coughed up blood. Then his entire body turned into ash.

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  1. I was starting to think it was the demon boy was the one that held the power but no one told him but then, NOPE! Ans I am totally okay with this!

    No one will object to having an almighty chicken protecting this realm from the other!

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