10 Years After – 90


She looked at me and smiled.


“You’ve returned safely! I was so worried.”

“Ah, sorry to keep you waiting. By the way, this is Shia and Grulf. My friends.”

“Nice to meet you!”


Philly shook hands with Shia. She also grabbed Grulf’s front paw and shook it.


“I’m Philly Mastafon. The fifth daughter of the Marquis and a genius Alchemist. And this here is Tama.”



Tama wagged his tail. He seemed happy to see us.

When we finished this brief introduction, I explained the situation.

While I did this, Tama and Grulf were sniffing each other.


“I still haven’t found the Marquis and his wife. That’s the first thing I have to do now and I must be quick. That’s why I brought Shia and Grulf with me, because of their sense of smell.”



Tama barked surprisingly loudly.

He was finally able to bark loudly now that the servants were disarmed.

A very smart dog.




Tama moved to the door and started to scratch at it with his paws.

Philly looked at him and said,


“Tama wants you to follow him.”

“Is that right? Well, we’ll do that then. It may still be dangerous, so you stay here, Philly.”



And so we left Philly in her room.

To be honest, it wasn’t really dangerous.

But I was worried that the Marquis and his wife would be in a tragic state.

And that was not something she needed to see.


Such were my thoughts as we followed Tama, who lead the way without hesitation.

And then he finally stopped in front of a certain room.



“Does he want us to go inside?”


I tried using Search magic. There were no traps. And it seemed like there was no one inside.

I opened the door and it was an ordinary servants room.


“It doesn’t seem like there is anything here.”



Grulf was moving around and sniffing dutifully.

On the other hand, Tama walked on to the center of the room. And then he kept walking.



“Right there?”



I tried using Search magic again. And this time I found a hidden door.

It was heavily guarded by concealment magic.

Without Tama, even Shia and I, who were good Scouts, would have taken a long time to find it.


I deactivated the locks and opened the door. There was a very large room on the other side.

There was a bed, bathing room, toilet and other simple furniture for a house.


“Who are you, people?”


An elderly man and woman looked at us with shocked expressions.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    The parents are alive, so the alchemy girl probably won’t join him at the mansion.

    • Probably not. She has a home and her parents appear to be alive. He has a genius alchemist on retainer though😺

  2. Hmm, I wonder why the parents were kept alive or they were just hiding from them. Maybe it will be revealed later on.

    Thanks for the chapter

    • The parents were kept alive to keep Philly compliant with making the fragment things. They threatened to kill her parents if she didn’t cooperate. Hard to keep someone in line if you have no collateral.

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