Tensei Kenja – 147


After hearing this, the Cockatrice sounded very surprised and frantically tried to fly away.


But…I wasn’t about to let a man-eating monster escape.

Besides, it was the target of a hunting quest.


‘Magic-Transfer — Area Freeze: Medium!’


This time, I used freezing magic so it would not be able to dodge it.




The Cockatrice’s wings were frozen, and it began to fall from the sky.

As it did, I followed up with more magic.




‘Gggg…graaaagghhhh!! A…a mere human… Mere…foooooooood!’


The wings were very flammable.

And so the fire magic spread immediately…and the Cockatrice soon breathed its last breath.


“Now…the hunt is finished. I guess the taming of a new monster will have to wait until next time.”


I said as I began to walk away.

But…I thought I heard a slime say something, and so I stopped in my tracks.


‘Hmm? Did someone say something?’


‘I didn’t say anything?’


‘What’s wrong, Yuji?’


…So, I guess it was just me.

It seemed to be the case, but I perked up my ears and listened, just as a precaution.

And then…I heard the voice again.

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    • Compared to when I first found the series after the manga was released and it had only 3 chapters released from another translator who dropped the series for several months, This speed is highly acceptable.

      This translator who doesn’t have to do this is a blessing. So can you stuff it with the whining and be happy the translator is only taking mental health days?

      I’m happy for the chapter.

      • Actually they’re not complaining about translation speed, they are complaining about the Author’s publishing speed saying that in 4-6 weeks we will be caught up with the raws

      • Apparently @Midean Tsukasa can’t read and @asuran8 can.
        Just as @asuran8 said, I’m a bit bummed about the author slowing down JP releases.

        I’m really fond of the frequent EN translation releases, which is why I’ll be disappointed when the translations inevitably get stalled because the author is being slow with the raws.

      • Be thankful that chapters aren’t releasing at the speed of Berserk or D.Grey-man.

        Also I made an assumption based on comments I’ve read in other places where people had said authors when they meant translators. I’m sorry, but I will admit I can be wrong about things like that. Your complaint sounded like one that has frustrated me many other places.

        At least new translated chapters aren’t stuck behind a paywall.

  1. Hm, who else is up for some fried wings? Not that poisonous crappy villain like monster, I meant the KFC kind. Now then, I wonder what was that voice? Maybe they will actually get some super epic monster baby version, to take over the flying courier (or some other equivalent, cuz you know, space travelling monsters are also fine 😀 ).
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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