Realist Demon King – 63


Jayce did not seem very interested, but he promised to seek it out if the opportunity arose.


And then Jayce said,

“It’s us who should be thanking you. We are truly grateful.”

He offered his hand and we shook. Then we left the dungeon.


They were leaving too.

Last I saw them, they were carrying their things equally.


Jeanne saw this sight and said these words:


“What a happy ending!”


And that was how our dungeon exploration ended.

However, it did not mean that everything was finished.

Something was watching from far away.

From far up, in the heavens.


The Goddess.


It was a young girl who watched the great Demon King and Sorcerer, Ashta.


She did not have a true form, at least none that any knew of, but she currently looked like a girl.

The form she had taken when they first met.

Long black hair and the features that suggested nobility.

A beautiful Goddess.


And yet she was noisily eating sweets and looking into a mirror.

Ashta was there. In fact, she had been watching him nonstop ever since he had materialized in this world.


Watching this realist demon king fight.


“Well, it is not as if I can do anything but watch.”


She muttered to no one in particular.


“Still, I am impressed with Ashta. He has grown a lot in this short amount of time and expanded.”


Of course, she had made him a Demon King because she saw potential, but she hadn’t expected him to do this much.


If she looked at the results alone, they were brilliant.


“Perhaps he really will become the Great Demon King.”


Such expectations welled up in her chest. But there was one thing that worried the Goddess.

This boy he had just met.


“Still, I did not expect them to meet like this.”


She sighed.


“Demon King Ashta will not lose, but this encounter may be a turning point.”


He called himself a realist and his actions had followed this for the most part. And so she was interested to see just how he would deal with the boy.


“Damn it, Demon King Ashta. I never tire of watching you. You are a great Demon King.”


She said happily. Then she summoned more tea and sweets.

The Goddess did not have servants, but that didn’t mean anything.

Well, she often felt bored.

She had battled this boredom for hundreds of years, but things had been different these last few months.

And it was all thanks to Demon King Ashta.

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  1. Every demon lord has 1 hero that is tasked to defeat them
    I suspect that for ashta is this yuri boy who is tasked with that role
    Well if so, his holy sword is already broken and thrown into the volcano.

    • “Well if so, his holy sword is already broken and thrown into the volcano.”

      I don’t know about that… remember how Eve was looking sad at the sword? the way it was explained was very vague…

      Also, there are other gods supporting other Demon Lords and other heroes… if I saw that the newborn demon lord was going to “destroy” the weapon that was most effective against him, I would retrieve it before that happened and save it… and I doubt a weapon that strong would be affected by a volcano…

      That being said, Yuri may end up becoming the guard of Ashta, even if he is “tasked” with killing him.

      But so far we haven’t really encountered the “enemy” of Ashta or better said, there hasn’t being a “Main Villain”.

      • The purpose of tossing the sword into the volcano is to make it harder for the hero to claim it because you know “LAVA” rather than to destroy it

        And i think that eve did toss it because she is a maid and she will follow order from ashta

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