Makai Hongi – 100

Chapter 100

We escaped the battlefield.
We ran and ran and ran.

It wasn’t until I was out of breath and my lungs were screaming in pain that I finally stopped.

“…Ha… Ha… Golan… What is it?”
“That should be enough.”

“What are you saying? …Also…since when did you have this much mana!”

Since when? Since that damned idiot threw this whole mess onto my shoulders!
He’s always like that. Giving over his body when he knows it’ll raise our chances of survival.

“But he ain’t wrong.”

This was the edge of the battlefield.
And we had reached this place without any casualties.

When I looked at the main army, I saw that Totoir was there.
The plan had succeeded. If he was here, that meant there was no one dangerous left to guard the castle.
And so we just needed Farneze to defeat Leninoth. Then victory would be ours.

But if she lost… Well, it was obvious. We’d all die or become Leninoth’s servants!
As for the Reapers, they were a headache waiting to happen. And so he would probably wipe them out completely.

“Now, it’s time for a counter-attack. Hey, Saifo. Beka.”


“You two stand on my right and left. Painy, you stay behind me.”
“Yes. …But Sir Golan, what are you going to do?”

“You can take off your hoods now. They already know.”

It was now as obvious as day that we had no connection through mana with Lesser Demon King Leninoth.
While we had been momentarily overlooked amidst the chaos of the battlefield, we were still being targeted.

“Golan. Shouldn’t we just run away?”
“From the battlefield? The fast ones will catch up to us.”

Saifo wasn’t being realistic.
There were beasts who were faster than horses.
If we moved away from the battlefield, we would stick out even more.

“Oh, so I guess we have to fight!”
“Of course. But this is Totoir’s army… But they will likely only send their weakest soldiers. While it might not be the most satisfying, it’ll have to do for now!”

I stood in the lead. Saifo was on my left, and Beka was on my right.
Painy was behind with the Reapers. And they were preparing to fire off some magic.
The Kobolds stayed in the center. As long as we didn’t fall apart, they would survive.

“Here they come! Fight to the death!”

The enemy were Loup-garou with spears.
I was glad that it wasn’t night time. They transformed under the moon.

And behind them was a swarm of…spiders? I had never seen anything like it before.

“They’re Uroctea Compactilis, Golan. They have no venom, but they spit webs.”
“You know them?”

“Saifo said that they make nests in the forest. They can change their color and blend in with the rocks and trees.”

“What the hell?”

Indeed, on closer inspection, there were much more than I thought.
I hadn’t seen them at first. Was I getting too confident on the battlefield?

Regardless, they blended in with the ground to a confusing degree.

“Alright, everything in front of you is an enemy! Don’t hold back! Fight with everything you got!”

The Loup-garou reached us.
They had the heads of wolves, but their fur didn’t extend below their necks from what I could see.
This is what they were like during the day.

After all, they were clearly wielding spears because they couldn’t use the claws they were so proud of.

“Come at me then!”
I smashed their heads in with my iron club.
The blood splattering the air was the signal. Saifo and Beka joined the attack.

“Ah, this is so fun! ARGHH!”

Every time Saifo swung his club, Loup-garou bodies piled up.
When I saw him swing that metal weapon in every direction, I had to wonder if he wasn’t stronger than me.

“Wait your turn!”

Beka was breaking their necks at an alarming speed.
She seemed more vicious than usual.

She was a kind of pervert, who enjoyed breaking people with her bare hands.
In any case, I wouldn’t want to fight her with my bare hands.

“Sir Golan. Permission for us to move forward.”
Painy and the others were unleashing magic from behind.

“Not yet. Wait!”

The magic of the Reapers was blasting giant holes into the bodies of the spiders.
The Reapers had a quiet way of fighting. And so it was no surprise that their magic carved out holes in their enemies instead of exploding them.

While they were also good with scythes, now was not the time.

“I understand. We will focus on magic.”

My instincts were telling me.
Something big was about to come.

We were on the outskirts of the battlefield. We weren’t attracting too much attention yet.
The soldiers coming at us were small fry. Though, there were a lot of them.

Fara and Leninoth’s armies were nearly equal in number.
But these kinds of battles were often the most dangerous.

It would be a difficult decision for them. How far they wanted to go.
Regardless, they wouldn’t be able to pay attention to us for long. That would be our chance to escape.

“Golan. Something crazy is coming.”
Saifo sounded frantic.

We weren’t supposed to be here. Should we be ignored or crushed right away?
Apparently, Totoir had decided to crush us.

The thing that was coming was a Manticore.
It had the head of a lion and the feet of a tiger. It’s fur stuck out sharply like a hedgehog. Was its tail that of a scorpion? It looked poisonous.

I didn’t know if it was a Commander or Corps Commander. But it looked insane.
This was the moment of truth.

“I’ll kill that thing. Saifo. Beka. I leave the rest to you.”

“I got you!”
“Do your best!”

“Yes, Sir Golan.”

“Move forward. Take my place.”
“Yes, Sir Golan.”

Well, I didn’t actually have much time left. What would happen?
If I couldn’t do it, I’m sure he’ll manage. Besides, after what he did, he can hardly complain if I throw it right back at him.

“I’m going!”
I bared my teeth and dashed towards the Manticore.

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