Cave King – 33




However, it was completely pointless.

The Leviathan just jumped high into the air.




In the end, I tried unleashing ice magic, but it was not able to freeze that gigantic body.


Magic didn’t work… However, that was only for the outside of its body.

What about inside?


As if returning the favor, the Leviathan spat out blue flames from the sky.


The fire shot right towards me, but I managed to block it with Shield.

For ten whole seconds, my vision was enveloped by the blue inferno.


When my vision cleared up once again, the Leviathan was charging right towards me.


…Here it comes.

It was the moment that I had been waiting for.


I raised my hand and unleashed Fire straight into the Leviathan’s mouth.


The outside of its body was covered in scales.

But inside…


However, I had underestimated the monster.

And even Fire was easily absorbed by the Leviathan.

It wasn’t the scales that was stopping my magic. It was the Leviathan’s own magic.


It continued to shoot towards me, its mouth wide open…

Perhaps it was so sure of its victory, because its jaw was opened so wide that I could no longer see its eyes.


“Nooo! Lord Heal!!”


I could hear the echo of Rienna and the monsters shouting.


If not magic…


In a flash, a giant boulder appeared in front of my hand.


But if you saw it from the side, you would see that it was shaped like the head of a spear.

It was just a little smaller than the Leviathan’s head.

And I had made the tip out of Mithril with a jagged edge.

In fact, the entire boulder was coated in a layer of Mithril.


And I launched it into the Leviathan’s mouth.


As the Leviathan’s eyes were pointed upwards, it was not able to notice in time.

Notice that I had shot an arrow of rock and Mithril at it.


Immediately, I created another one and fired it off as well.


The Leviathan’s eyes rolled back when the first one hit, and then the next one pushed the boulder further in.

As the boulders were a little wider than it, its body had to expand a little to accommodate it.


To be honest, it looked painful…


And like that, the Leviathan fell weakly onto the reclaimed ground.

The island shook as if there was an earthquake, and I was thrown into the air.

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  1. As someone who plays Space Engineers, I know for a fact how destructive a massive ball of stone appearing out of nowhere due to the container being destroyed/ instantly emptied is. If you ever want to destroy a ship, just fire a modded container filled with over a hundred kilos of rock at someone while it has a warhead attached. If the bomb doesn’t kill said ship, the mass of of rock certainly will.
    All Hail Lord Clang! May He Not Visit Us. Ever.

    • Don’t even need a warhead or anything fancy. It’s an age old tactic in scifi, go to an asteroid field and tow a couple steroid into the right trajectory to impact the target and release.

      The Expanse had utilized this tactic in one of the seasons.

    • I’m quite sure this big snake is done. Besides, that huge a beast, it’s too hard to keep around, just imagine the food necessary to feed it. I mean, they probably don’t have enough materials to feed it huge rocks spears daily 😀

      • It’s likely that it’s done…but because of how huge it is, it’s precisely why I think it brings a lot of benefits. Not only as a protection of trade ships (the pirate Orcs are right there to start possible trade) but also as the first line of defense between any incoming invasions. Food? It’s a sea creature…it can continue to eat food like it has always done all its life by catching it itself.

      • We’re talking about a creature of myth here.
        If reading novels has taught me anything, creatures of myth can turn into humans often.
        Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into a woman.
        Rienna is best, and hopefully, only girl

    • Spear, a huge spear made of rocks. His cave king crest evolved recently, so he could make objects with the stuff in his inventory, then take them out even outside of a mine.
      Anyway, that “boulder” looked like a boulder from his perspective (from behind).

  2. Leviathan: I’m immune to magic, have very tough scales, and I’m hungry…
    Heal: Here, choke on this rock, I made for your size. Not enough? Then take another one.

    And that’s how you do not train your huge sea serpent. I guess next comes a nice feast, and then asimilate the few surviving orcs, though that boss of theirs is… special.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. Welp if magic don’t work just stab it with 2 giant spears of rock and mythril. It’s the only logical solution.

  4. ..Smart, i didnt think that he was able to think of such a plan in the heat of the battle. Then again, he is usually talking down on himself and that is probably due to the ridicule he grew up with. I hope he grows more confident one of these days.

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/

  5. whoever came from the manga, the WN seems to be significantly different on the order of events.
    few i can remember are:
    * the kobold puppy has the clairvoyance mark, it shows the leviathan threats (chapter 11)
    * they had time to prepare to fight leviathan
    * the orc came chased by leviathan, very few ships survived
    * on the manga Heel killed the leviathan after showering it with a bunch mithril balistae
    * the orc landed after the leviathan defeated
    * the hot spring bath arc came after leviathan
    * ashton came along with the orc kamyu
    * the orc aint feminime

    i suppose the manga follows the LN

    anyway, thank you for the translations!
    stay safe everyone.

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