Cave King – 31

Chapter 31 – We received a request to land!!


One afternoon two days after Mappa installed the water pipes.

Just like any other day, I was digging in the cave.


Currently, Baris was working to make a hot spring on the surface.

Apparently, his plan was to make it underneath the World Tree.


In other words, it would be out in the open…

Which I thought would be a little embarrassing.

However, for the goblins and kobolds, having the hot spring outside was considered normal.


All I really knew about hot springs, was that they were places to bathe with naturally hot water.

In the royal palace, they had something like a furnace underneath that heated the water.


Well, rejuvenating underneath the branches of the World Tree did not seem like a bad idea…


In any case, I left it all to Baris as I concentrated on swinging my pickaxe.


I wanted to find something that would help improve our lifestyle.

Furthermore, there were some materials I needed to restock on.


I didn’t like to brag, but mining was the most efficient when I was doing it.

Rienna was in charge of the farm and Erevan military matters.

Mappa made tools. In fact, he had recently started to make armor and weapons for the Golems and guards.


It seemed like everyone had started being in charge of what they were good at.


The kobolds had especially good eyesight, and so they were good at hunting birds and fish.

The slimes and Golems had the transportation market on lock, and it was a similar situation with the Cave Spider and clothes.


It was hard to believe that just a short while ago, we had lacked food and water.


“I hope that I get something good today too…”


I said as I swung the pickaxe.


Things would be a lot easier if I knew where to dig in order to get specific materials.


I then noticed that Fule was also digging next to me.


“Fule? It’s midday already. Aren’t you going to rest?”

“Mmm. No, I’m fine… I’ll rest later.”

“I see… Don’t push yourself too hard.”


As soon as Fule got up in the morning, she would quickly eat breakfast and head out to mine.

While the other goblin children who were the same age as her were playing outside, she was always deep in the caves.


Apparently, she really wanted to be able to use magic soon.

And she needed an Ascending Stone for that. It would allow her to evolve so her body could use magic energy.


However, the Ascending Stones were different from ordinary ore.

The one I had found was in a small stone chamber.

In other words, we would likely have to find a similar ruin.


I hoped that she didn’t expect to find one so soon…


Still, I also dug in hopes of finding one for her sake.


As they were rare, it was possible that it would be protected by golems again.

But if that was the case, I would be able to detect the magic, which was quite convenient for me.


Just then, I felt a weak current of magic from behind.

When I turned around, I saw that Fule was standing there.



“Huh? Ah…!?”


I immediately unleashed Shield around Fule.

At the same time, a nearby Golem moved in front of her as if to protect her.


Just then, something exploded right in front of Fule.


It was a small explosion, so Shield was enough to stop it.

From what I could see, Fule was not hurt.


“Th-thank you…”


She said to me and the Golem.

Even if I hadn’t used magic, the Golem would have likely saved her.

It was a good thing that I kept them down here.


“Well, what a relief… Was it some kind of trap?”


I didn’t know if it was manmade or not.

However, Fule nodded.


“I think so…there is something back there.”

“You found something?”


Fule pushed away the rubble where she had been digging. Then she pulled something out.


“…Is this a treasure chest?”


She asked with her head tilted to the side. The thing she showed me was a plain wooden box.


“It might be. Why don’t you look inside?”

“Yes! …Huh? It won’t open…”

“In that case… It must be locked as well. I’ll try using unlocking magic.”


And so I cast ‘Pick’ on the box that she was holding.

Then the lid popped open.


Inside, there was what looked like a crystal and three golden stones.

But…Crystals tended to be a little less clear than this, so maybe it was different.

It might just be the kind of crystal ball that fortune tellers used.


As for the gold stones… They could be Ascending Stones.


Fule’s eyes shone with expectation once she saw that they were gold.


“I should be able to store them if they are stones…then I can find out what they are.”


And so I picked up the crystal and one gold stone and tried putting it into my Inventory.

It worked perfectly.


And the gold stone…was an Ascending Stone after all.

So the other two were likely Ascending Stones as well.


Fule looked impatient to know the results, and so I said to her,

“…Fule, congratulations. It is an Ascending Stone!”

“Re-really!? …No way!”

“It’s true. See.”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. One ascending stone in a fancy shrine, but three are dumped into a random box 😅. Sure there was something like a trap, but still.

  2. Fulle can thank RNJesus for there being a random treasure chest with not one but three Ascending Stones in it.

  3. It been min since last read this, but wasn’t Fule orginally male char? When did he turn into she or is just translation error?

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