Cave King – 85


While my main goal was to reach the control device, digging up building materials was also an important part of my job.

And so I went to the bottom with the trolley, and found Fule, Taran, and the monsters chatting together.

Wait a minute…Taran can talk?

No, she was just using gestures to make her will known.

As they all laughed, Fule noticed me.

“Oh, there he is. How are things with the nest?”

“Yes, it’s finished. She’s laying eggs now, so that probably means she likes it.”

“I see. Well, we better work on this nest too.”

“This nest? Oh, because it looks like an ants nest…”

I had once seen an ants nest from the side of a glass box, during an exhibition in the city.

Ants nests were intricately made in the ground. It really was similar to a cave or mine.

They dug every day and expanded the nest.

“Right? I was just thinking about how we are like ants. That’s what we were talking about earlier.”

So, Fule and the monsters knew about ants nests as well.

“Alright then. Let’s give those ants a run for their money and dig! Though, I’ve never actually seen any ants here.”

Fule said. And so we started digging.

Ants, huh…

Taran and the cave spiders had been living below the cave.

I didn’t know if there were any ant monsters, but it wouldn’t be surprising if there were giant ants somewhere down here, building a nest…

We had just seen a giant bee, after all. Such things seemed quite normal around this island.

Well, I could only hope that they would not be hostile, like Taran and Heath…

It was with such thoughts that I dug for about an hour. And then Taran suddenly stopped swinging her pickaxes.

“Huh? What is it, Taran?”

Taran’s eyes were moving around as if searching for something in the area.

“…Is there something there?”

I tried searching for any signs of magic energy.

And then I detected that there was something faint moving below us.

“What…something is moving down there?”

Taran moved her body up and down as if to nod.

Did spiders have a unique ability to be able to detect things?

However, Fule pressed her ear against the wall. It seemed like she felt it too..

“This…it’s the sound of digging, isn’t it?”

Taran nodded once again.

I tried putting my own ear to the wall, but could not hear anything.

“Digging? Do you mean like with a pickaxe?”

“Yes, I think so… I can hear the metallic ringing. It’s definitely hitting something.”

“Someone…some creature is down there, then. I think we should try digging towards it then.”

Judging by the amount of energy, it likely wasn’t dangerous.

And so I decided to try and make contact.

And with that, we started to dig towards it.

Eventually, even I could hear the ringing.

Someone was down here, alone…who could it be…?

Just then, I heard the echo of a stone wall breaking away.

And at the same time, a pitch black space appeared right in front of us.

“Yes! We found another room… What?”

The place we had dug into was filled with countless red lights.

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  1. So, they have five magicians, two being winged, thirty wyvern eggs and now giant bees – airforce confirmed.

    With the addition of ants, infantry is also expanded – next they need to tame some sharks or Leviathan offspring for their navy.

    As Baros wrote, Sheorl Empire…

    • And a dragon egg. They got those wyvern eggs and a red dragon egg (as far as I remember). Also, the golems, and the really big golem (the huge Mappa golem with a… lewd face… yeah that one, though I understand if you want to forget it).

  2. Ah yes, breaking through a wall while mining, only to spot many red lights turning towards you… it was right to post this chapter on 1 October, cuz it’s spooky 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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