Cave King – 83

Chapter 83 – I made a wall!!


“Master Heal, we’ve finished marking it out!”

Said the kobold, Haines, as he ran up to me and bowed.

They had been marking out the area where the walls would be built.

A green paint had been made with the leaves of the World Tree, and lines had been drawn on the reclaimed ground.

What was most useful during large construction projects like this, was a ‘Cave King’ feature that was called ‘Workshop.’

This was an ability that allowed me to take different materials in my inventory and process them into different things.

For instance, stone could be turned into blocks, or it could be crushed and turned into sand.

Stone blocks could be in various sizes and shapes. Sand would also vary depending on what kind of rock you were using.

The monsters could make smaller things, but when it came to building large structures like this, it was much safer for me to use this ability.

“It’s been a while since I used this feature… Alright, here goes.”

I made sure that there was no one inside of the green outline, and then I pointed my right hand towards it.

And then, square stone blocks started to shoot out of my hand.

They fit inside of the green lines like pieces in a puzzle.

I was carving the stones in a workshop that existed in some unknown place, and then unleashed them.

“This is always amazing to watch… It looks like they’re coming out of your hand.”

Haines said as he watched me.

“Really? I honestly feel kind of silly…”

Like I was some kind of stage magician who performed tricks in the city… At least they entertained people by pulling out flowers and flags. But I was just pulling out some boring rocks.

I wished that I was a skilled sculptor, and then I could create more intricate designs. However, I had no talent for such things.

But in any case, this wall was for our defenses. So it was best to take it seriously.

“…Alright, that’s it for the first layer.”

I said. And Haines replied.

“Understood. Then we shall add the mortar!”

“Ah, thank you… I wish that I could make mortar…”

Mortar was a material that was used to fill in the gaps between the rocks.

A cement was made with powdered limestone and volcanic ashes and mixed with water. It looked like mud, but would harden like a rock.

It was a vital building material in the city, but you needed to measure the ingredients precisely.

And of course, I had no knowledge of such things.

As for the monsters here, most of them had lived in the forest. And so they only knew about building with wood.

And so no one on this island knew how to make mortar.

And so I had given the task to Mappa. Mappa looked troubled at first, but after some trial and error, he was able to make us a substitute.

Mappa always came to me with a confident expression when showing me what he had made. But this time, he looked uncertain.

Even now, he looked at the barrels of mortar that the monsters were carrying, and he seemed worried.

Did he have doubts about its quality?

What he had shown me had hardened rather nicely.

Suddenly, Mappa stopped the monsters with a raise of his hand, and he then opened one of the lids of the barrels.

And then he licked some before nodding quietly.

“Uh, he’s assured by the taste…?”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Quality check…. by tasting… Mappa is a big lump of awesomeness with a topping of disgusting, and powdered with pervert dust… heavily.

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