Realist Demon King – 98

The Devilish Brown Drink


The new Demon King that was born in this land just several months ago.

He was called a strategic genius, and he started killing other Demon Kings as soon as he was born.

Furthermore, through the art of Soul Summoning, he summoned Heroes from other worlds to join his army.

These are the Heroes that served him.

Hijikata Toshizou of the Shinsengumi.

Saint Jean d’Arc of Orleans.

Gottlieb the dwarven chief.

Kongming, the strategist of Sichuan.

And Fuma Kotaro, the ninja.

It was with these subordinates that he rapidly expanded his forces.

His momentum seemed to increase with every day. He was like a sun that did not set.

Demon King Ashtaroth was feared by the surrounding Demon Kings, both for his strategic abilities and for his often cowardly methods.

However, a certain young Maid knew that her master was in fact the kindest and most merciful person in the world.

Eve was a demon, but she did not have memories of the demon world.

She could only remember what had happened to her since she fell into this world. Still, she knew no other Demon King who was as magnanimous as Ashta.

He was always gentle and understanding with his subjects.

He even showed mercy to enemy kings.

It was much the same with enemy Heroes as well. It was a strange thought. But he was like some kind of ancient Holy King.

That’s what Eve felt.

She said as much to him one day.

Demon King Ashtaroth smiled just a little and replied.

“I don’t know about any Holy Kings. But I wish to be a king who history will remember. The name ‘Ashtaroth’ is easy to forget. But the thought of future students struggling over that fills me with joy.”

He joked.

That was like him. He liked to joke a lot.

And Eve admired him from the bottom of her heart.

The realist king. Ashtaroth…

I was sitting in my office.

The office in Ashtaroth castle. The room looked the same as it always did.

It wasn’t too large or grand. But in spite of that, it was clean and refreshing.

The walls were lined with bookshelves and my desk was equipped with everything I needed.

If I had to describe this environment in one word, it would be ‘functional.’ And there was beauty in that.

Eve had prepared it for me. And it was a fine place to work.

However, if I were to make one complaint, it was that it was maybe too perfect.

Gottlieb himself had made the expensive leatherback chair.

It had very comfortable cushions as well.

There was no one else near my office.

No demon or human officers and staff. So it was very quiet.

Quiet enough that I could hear the songs of skylarks from the window.

When working in such a dreamlike environment, I would sometimes become drowsy.

I leaned on my elbow and tried to fight against the urge, but it was futile.

I could face a great army on the battlefield without balking, but against such a force as sleep, I was powerless.

And without power, it was only a matter of time before I became a resident in the world of dreams. However, Eve saved me from that.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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