Realist Demon King – 98


She knocked twice on the door and asked if she could enter.

I had already told her that she was free to enter as she pleased, but she was too reserved to do that.

Or perhaps she knew. Because she was always more careful when I was tired or concentrating on something.

“Not only that, but she always seems to enter with a drink whenever I am hungry. It’s odd.”

But she was a demon, after all.

If a history book was ever written about me, I would want there to be a chapter dedicated to her.

It was because of her contribution that I was able to live this long.

Also, it should include information about her tea being the best in the world.

I said all of this to Eve and she smiled.

“You are too kind.”

She said.

I looked at her smile for a while and then asked her what she wanted.

Of course, she was allowed to come even when there was no reason to. She looked quite happy when I said this to her. However, she quickly became serious again as she explained.

“Master. Today I have secured something most wonderful from the south.”


What could it be? Eve was not one to exaggerate. And so I had high expectations.

“I suppose it is what is on that silver cart?”

“That is correct.”

Said Eve.

There was something on it that was black and unfamiliar to me.

It looked like small beans that could have just as well been squirrel or rabbit droppings.

Of course, I doubted Eve would brink me such a thing. Perhaps it was from some kind of plant?

I asked her and she said, ‘certainly.’

She smiled very brightly as she explained what these seeds were.

“These dark beans are called ‘coffee.’ They were imported from an island country to the south.”

Coffee! I became very excited when I heard this.

Eve saw this and asked,

“Do you know about coffee, master?”

“Indeed, I do.”

And then I offered my explanation.

“It is a seductive, brown beverage. A high priest once gave this holy drink to a poor man who had lost his wife. Drinking it makes you alert and banishes your drowsiness.”

“Did it exist in your world too?”

“Not at all. And it was very unfortunate. However, I have done a lot of reading.”

I told Eve the details.

About how wonderful coffee was.

It was made from the seed of a plant that came from the continent of Africa.

It was then roasted and turned into powder before being parched. This would then be turned into a drink with the most wonderful smell.

It spread from the Islamic world, which was one of the greatest civilizations of the middle ages, and went to Europe and the rest of the globe. It was currently loved by people everywhere. So much that they had houses dedicated to drinking it.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that most modern art was made because of coffee. Its roots in culture were deep.

Many great people have quotes regarding it.

‘Good coffee is black like the devil, hot like hell, pure like an angel, and sweet as love.’

-A politician who lead the French Revolution

‘Mathematicians are machines that turn coffee into theorems.’

-A mathematician

‘A life without coffee is too bitter for me.’

-A busy author

Like that, I showcased my knowledge of coffee.

Eve listened to this with a serious expression. ‘I did not know that these beans had such great power’ she said with surprise.

“Your knowledge is even more extensive than I thought, Master.”

She praised.

In that case, it meant that she had brought in the coffee without fully knowing its history and effects.

When I asked her about it, she said that it had been brought in by a merchant.

She had tasted it there and learned about the smell and that it made you alert. But she hadn’t known about the impact it had on civilization.

Well, perhaps I had been exaggerating a little. It was likely a result of my own longing.

However, I kept all of that to myself as I took a sip of that coffee.

The first sip of my life. As the rumors said, it was fragrant and bitter.

I thought I could understand why many people compared it to life.

“I can get used to this.”

I finished my cup quickly and asked for more.

Eve obliged me happily.

And so I enjoyed the coffee to my heart’s content.

And while the coffee would keep me awake and increase my work efficiency, I had a lot of trouble sleeping that night.

Yes, this drink was like a devil.

I was reminded of that fact.

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  1. I can get behind this… I Guage my work day by how many coffees were required to complete it without resorting to violence and mayhem.

  2. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Which does he prefer more, the greatest tea in the world or the greatest coffee in the world?

    He might be hard pressed to make a decision…

    [Demon King Asthartoh was feared by the surrounding Demon Kings, both for his strategic abilities and for his often cowardly methods.]
    * Asthartohb—> Ashtaroth

    [It spread from the Islam world, which was one of the greatest civilizations of the middle ages, and went to Europe and the rest of the globe.]
    * Islam —> Islamic

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