Cave King – 135

Chapter 135 – We Separated!!


“Heal… You are now my absolute, sole successor.”

He declared with a stern expression.

“Me… As the king of Sanfaris?”

I could hardly believe my ears.

Ever since I had been born, the idea of being king had not occurred to me.

I knew that I was powerless, and that no one in the palace had any expectations for me.

Regardless, it was not something that I could accept. I had a responsibility here to protect the residents of this island.

However, I couldn’t help but ask him.

“I cannot accept that… But, will you tell me why you chose me?”

“There is only one reason. You have the most power out of all my children.”


So that was what he thought after seeing my magic and the growth of this island.

And then Erevan opened his mouth.

“Tsk. You drove Heal to a place like this. It’s rather late to be saying that you misjudged him, eh?”

“I have never misjudged Heal’s power. This island was given to Heal so that he could grow.”

“Grow… Do you really expect us to believe that? Regardless, the Chief ain’t going with you.”

Erevan moved between us and glared at my father.

“He will. Heal is going to inherit the kingdom.”

“The Chief said he won’t go. Haven’t you heard?”

“It is against reason. A child must succeed their parents. It is the law of nature. I will take him by force if I have to.”

“How dare you! …Wha-!”

Erevan’s body suddenly started to shudder violently.

I had cast Shield on him, but I could see that father’s eyes were glaring with rage.

I suddenly felt that my own body had been frozen. But I averted my eyes and somehow managed to free myself.

Erevan would not be subjugated either. He raised his voice, stopped his shaking, and raised his fist.

“I won’t lose to the likes of you!!”

“Erevan, stop!!”

I shouted, and cast the strongest Shield I possibly could around him.

Father looked a little surprised, but he then thrust out his own fist.

“Oh? You can still move in front of me… Hmph!”

When Erevan and my father’s fists met, shock waves erupted around them like some kind of hurricane.

Father’s robe was blown away, and his bare torso was exposed.

I had never seen him like this before. He had a strong, muscular physique that did not seem to fit his old age.

He was large enough to match even Erevan, who was always so proud of his muscles.

“Not bad… Are you really an old man?”

“You have courage, I will give you that. However…”

Father grunted, and Erevan went flying into the air.

But Erevan managed to catch himself as he fell.


“It doesn’t matter how many of you there are. You cannot stop me.”

Father glared at him again, and Erevan was unable to move.

Seeing this, father started to walk towards me.

However, spider webs suddenly shot towards him from every direction.

Taran and the other Cave Spiders had unleashed their webs at him.

“Taran! Good work!! Haines, now!”

“Aye! Consider it done!!”

Ashton and Haines carried their restraining tools as they fell on him.

And thanks to their brilliant teamwork, they were able to quickly bind his hands and feet.

However, it took just one murmur of his voice for the webs, shackles, and the Kobolds to be blasted into the air.

It was all I could do to keep casting Shield on everyone. I didn’t know if it was because of his spirit, but my body felt heavy.

From what I could see, it seemed like he had no intention of killing the island residents. While he sent them flying, he had not destroyed their limbs as he had done to Oren.

So he was just after me. If necessary, I could use the Teleportation Stone to escape… But it would be difficult to grab one now.

That’s when it happened. Rienna spread out her arms and stood between me and my father.

“Please…listen to me, father of Lord Heal. We need Lord Heal on this island. Please don’t take him away from us.”

This sudden appeal caused him to stop in his tracks.

“Hmm. Indeed, it seems that the residents here are very fond of Heal. However, know this. While Heal will be leaving this place, you will remain under his rule.”

“It makes no difference to us. We would be saying goodbye.”

“…The kingdom needs Heal. Now get out of my way.”

“No, I will not. Never.”

Rienna replied unwaveringly. While father was glaring at her, somehow, Rienna did not shake or go flying into the air.

“What… Even my spirit is unable to make you move. Could it be that your crest is… Hmm, perhaps I should withdraw.”

“Wh-what did you say about me?”

Father stared hard at Rienna. Then he turned away as if he had noticed something.

He was now looking at an angry, hairy, old man. Mappa. He was holding the robe that father had been wearing.

While everyone else had been unable to approach him, Mappa alone had gotten close.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Heal’s Father could be the strongest of all but only weakness was that “It can’t use its power against non-combatant type crest”?
    since Reina’s crest is Farmer right?

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