Cave King – 83


That being said, there was something comforting in seeing Mappa’s satisfied expression. As odd as that was.

And so the monsters continued to carry the barrels and prepare tools known as trowels.

They had the roles of adding the mortar to the stone blocks I had lined up.

This was to fill in the gaps between them, and so the next layer of rocks would stick.

“If we start now…it will take about one hour.”

Haines said.

“An hour… I guess I should return to mining then.”

However, even if I took the trolley, it was more than a 10 minute ride to reach the deepest area.

And the trip back would be even longer.

In that case, I might only have about 30 minutes to dig…

Besides, this was just the first layer. So I would have to go back and forth for every layer.

It’s not that I was lazy…but it wasn’t efficient.

Perhaps it would have been better to just make larger stone blocks, so that the entire wall itself was just made of a few boulders.

Also, it would be so much easier if I could just make mortar with the workshop feature…

It was with such thoughts that I picked up some of the mortar with my finger.

Maybe I could gather it…


And just like that, the mortar vanished.

Was I able to do this because it was made of rocks and mined materials?


<<The list of items you can create with the workshop feature has been expanded. You can now create cement, mortar, and concrete.>>

…Cement was used to make mortar. But, concrete? What was that?

<<Concrete… A material used in building.>>

I see. I suppose we could do some testing with that.

…Well, I didn’t quite understand. But at least I could make mortar now.

So, I just needed to…wait, you also needed water.

I didn’t have any water in my inventory.

Besides, water wasn’t considered a mined material, and I couldn’t gather it.

If only I could add water somehow…

Or I could just gather all of the mortar here and apply it myself.

“Alright… All of you. Leave this to me.”

And so I put all of the barrels into my inventory.

Haines watched this and asked,

“Master Heal? What are you doing?”

“This way, I can add the mortar all at once. Just watch.”

I said as I raised my right hands towards the stone blocks.

And then I ordered the mortar to be unleashed…

And just like that, the gray liquid burst out of my hand.

“Woah!? That’s very powerful…”

I adjusted it a little and then made it rain over the stone blocks.

Yes…this would be quite useful.

When I had fought the Leviathan before, I attacked it by unleashing boulders into its mouth. This was similar to that.

It was muddy, but slowly got harder. So if we were ever attacked by a giant monster again, I might be able to use this to take out its eyes.

Once I was done, I just lined up more stone blocks on top of it.

Two layers, then three…it went on…

“Oh! And it’s only been a few minutes!!”

Haines and the other monsters shouted in awe as they saw the wall grow taller.

The wall was now about four or five times taller than me. It was impressive, even when compared to the walls of Sanfaris.

Now, I just need to make the battlements. So people could walk on the top and protect the wall.


Mappa was trying to climb up on top of the wall.

“Mappa. It’s not completely hardened yet! That’s dangerous… Ahh.”

A yellow bug…that looked like a bee appeared in front of my face, and so I tried to brush it away.

However, my hand didn’t touch anything.

I quickly looked around to see where it had gone.

“…Bees on this island? Huh?”

And then I saw it. A bee that was the size of a human was behind Mappa, ready to sting him.

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  1. thanks for the translation!
    I’ll almost forgive him since this isn’t an isekai but I still don’t understand why he would not try creating interlocking blocks. If he can make them uniform shape and size (really hard with real stone in the real world) he could make them interlock sort of like legos. thus removing the need for mortar.

    • Hopefully, he can put that library to use and learn. The more he knows, the easier it would be for him and the more options he can obtain.

  2. Oh no, bees the size of humans? Sure, they are easy to detect, but terribly scary. If you hear a loud buzz, turn around only to spot a huge bee (or wasp/hornet) the first thought might be “I want me mommy…”
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. Wouldn’t it have just been easier to use that workshop feature to make a super giant stone block for a wall instead of making a wall of multiple blocks?

    Not the bees!

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