Cave King – 54


“I knew that there were Satan Shellfish near this island, but they were no larger than this one.”

“In comparison, this one is ridiculously big…”

“Yes. But not only that. I feel like the fish are getting larger as well. In fact, the fish we can catch in this area are larger than the ones we catch when going out by boat…”


Indeed. Compared to the fish I caught when first coming to this island, these seemed larger.

So, the fish we caught were getting bigger little by little… But when had it started?


I turned around and looked at the World Tree that reached towards the sky.

The plants had started growing faster ever since that tree appeared. Could it have affected the fish as well…


“Since we eat the fish, having them bigger is a good thing… However, these Satan Shellfish are poisonous, aren’t they?”


The last time that Baris had been handling it, Mappa had tried licking the liquid.

And then he had collapsed from the poison.

Thankfully, I was close by and was able to heal him…


Baris nodded.


“Yes, it is not a lot… But when it comes to something of this size, I cannot know what its effect will be.”

“That’s true. I’ll check it then.”

“In that case, please compare it to this smaller one.”


Baris gave me a small bottle that was filled with the liquid.

And so I used magic called ‘Research,’ in order to compare the poison with the Satan Shellfish that had just been killed.


“Hmm… It is definitely more poisonous. It should be fine to just touch it, but it would be incredibly dangerous to drink.”

“I see. In that case, we will have to be very careful when making dye.”

“We don’t want Mappa licking it again…”

“Yes. I will have to explain it to Mappa very clearly.”


But then Baris smiled.


“That being said, this means we can get a lot of dye from it. So if we process it and give it to Kamyu to be traded in…”

“We can make a great profit…”


I muttered.

Of course, this island already had treasures such as silver and gold.

So increasing our wealth wasn’t of particular interest to me.


Baris nodded.


“In any case, I will have a few Golems here to protect people while they are fishing.”

“Yes. Perhaps an even bigger Satan Shellfish will appear next time…”


It was not really something that I wanted to imagine…

All I could think of now, was how much I wished that Taran would stop wrapping the insides of the Satan Shellfish with webs and wringing them like a dirty rag…


Perhaps Taran knew that the liquid was valuable, as it was collecting it.


Baris watched this and smiled.


“Ah, Taran. Once you are finished with that, let’s cook the meat. Satan Shellfish are quite tasty. You just put it back in the shell and grill it. It goes especially well with wine…”


Taran nodded with its entire body and happily dangled the dried up meat in front of me.


But it was so grotesque and… Ahhhhgghh…


Baris looked quite worried as he saw me holding my throat.


“Lord Heal? Are you alright?”

“…No, I’m fine. Thank you, Taran. I’m still in the middle of my inspection. You can eat ahead of me.”


I said. And then returned to the reclaimed ground.

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  1. So much wealth plans related to trading…but I would actually find it quite fun if by the time they actually attempt to do some trading…they have found enough resources by themselves that they actually might not need to do so.

    Which makes me wonder, I’m sure the author is far long finished with this story…but with constant expansions of the territory. The coasts might not longer be this tall walls of rock formations but an actual coastline…thus maybe there’s a chance of certain plants like Coconuts to come along by themselves.

    Saying as such, since they have refused to leave the island even if it’s just to gather more variations of plants and foods. Lol

    • i feel like the trading is going to be more along the lines of getting higher tier magic books than what heal can teach and seeds/farm animals than money or other resources

  2. Wait didn’t they say that the dye was used for royalty? I feel like then that it is something that they have forbidden others from using or selling and that this will make Heal’s asshole family become aware of how he’s not only survived but thrived.

  3. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    I caught up to the WN after reading the manga (Yes, there’s a manga now). It’s got 4 chapters to date.

    I think the fish are growing larger due to the influence of those growth stones deep in the ocean along the island that might have been exposed to the sea even before Heal first immigrated to the island.

    Dunno for sure, though.

    Also update the NU page already

    • *Pokes Mio*

      Giant shellfish and other sealife there might be affected by the Leviathan’s blood that was spilt in the sea near the island. They’re mutating into giants. Ermm, “what about the islanders” you say? Well, lets just assume that they’re changing slightly after eating it and haven’t realize that yet.

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