10 Years After – 130


Philly said ominously and then continued.


“It is a tool that Kathe used as an all-purpose trash can… It might have actually been a machine to make the automated magic machines.”



I looked at Kathe with surprise.

Kathe shook her head frantically.


“Impossible! What a groundless fear, Philly! My father and grandfather used it for their trash as well.”

“For generations?”

“My palace has been in our family since my grandfather first started living there.”

“But you said that the place you lived in was ancient, didn’t you?”

“Yes, but my grandfather lived thousands of years ago. Is that not ancient for humans?”

“I guess. Yes, you are right.’


Kathe wasn’t human, she was a dragon.


“Hehe. I am starting to learn the ways of normal humans.”


Kathe said smugly.


“Us dragons take good care of our cultural property. I cannot allow them to take our ancient ruins and live in them!”

“Of course. In any case, is the trash can itself, something new?”

“…About that…”

Kathe said vaguely.



“While I care about the culture, my father and grandfather did not.”

“I see. So it’s possible that they brought it from some other ruin?”

“…Yes. Yes. Though, I do not think it a good thing to take things without permission.”


While Kathe would have liked to return it to its proper place, the trash can had been there since she was born.

Even if she tried to ask, her father and grandfather insisted that it had always been there.

So she could do nothing but give up.


“Well, leaving the origins aside for now…if it really is what is creating the machines, we have to hurry.”


Time was on the enemy’s side.


“We’ll go as soon as Goran and Eric arrive.”



Serulis raised her hand a little hesitantly.

She clearly wanted to come.




I paused.

Serulis had stayed at the palace during the fight with the Vampire High Lord.


“I have improved.”

“That’s true. But…”

“Serulis. Don’t make this hard for us.”


It was Goran. He stated this plainly as soon as he entered.


“The vampires are one thing, but from what I’ve heard, these machines sound very dangerous. Serulis. You will only get in the way.”

“…Yes. I understand.’


Serulis said glumly.


“Serulis and Shia. I want you two to stay in the mansion and protect Lord Gerberga and Philly.”

“…I understand. Protecting them is also an important job.”


Shia said with a calm nod.


Then Eric arrived.

After a quick greeting, I told Eric and Goran that it was possible that the enemy would have even more of the magic machines.

And so we decided to head for Kathe’s palace at once.


“Well, then. Let us go.”

“Kathe. Could you turn back into a dragon outside of the city and take us there?”

“Very well.”


And so we started to run in the direction of the city walls.

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