10 Years After – 131


Kathe pointed as she hovered in the air.

As she was flying so incredibly fast, it did not take long to reach our destination.


“…How far is it from the capital?”

“I don’t know.”

“Look at those mountains. Isn’t this the dragon mountain range?”

“Then it should be three days by foot? I think?”



As we talked like this, I cast Night Vision magic on myself and Eric and Goran.

It was already evening, which made it hard to see far away with the naked eye.


With the help of Night Vision, I could clearly see Kathe’s palace.


There were a series of very high mountains.

And the two tallest mountains were connected by a smooth ridgeline.

And on that ridge was a building that looked like a hill or half sphere.

It was wider and taller than Eric’s palace.


Pieces of what appeared to be a door were scattered everywhere.

It was the remains of what had been a very strong iron door.


And around it walked spider-like creatures that had four legs and were made of metal.

I could see three of them.


“…Are those the magic machines?”

“Those moving things? They seem very large and powerful.”

“Yes. My fire breath did nothing.”

“But, you’re a Wind Dragon, right?”

“I am.”

“So why not use wind breath?”


Kathe fell silent for a moment.


“…Because, my wind breath is very strong.”

“Well, that’s to be expected.”


Considering how powerful her fire breath was.

As her real attribute was wind, it should be even stronger.


“It would completely wreck my poor house.”

“…Ah, that would be a lot of trouble.”



I understood how she felt, but it really did not seem like the time to care about such things.


“But these magic machines are really strong, right? Why don’t you just use your wind breath, and we can help you clean up afterward?”


“Don’t act so surprised. There are many of them in there, right? We should do this quickly.”

“…But I don’t want to destroy parts of the ruin.”

“I see.’”


Well, I guess we couldn’t force her to do it.


“Alright. I will lure them out of your house. Then you can use your breath.”


“Your house won’t be destroyed that way, right?”

“No, but it might blow you away.”

“Don’t worry about that.”


Kathe’s fire breath had been quite strong.

And even if her wind breath was much stronger, I would be expecting it.

There were many things I could do to prepare.


“You will be fine then? You won’t die, Locke?”

“Don’t worry. I’m not that weak.”

“You better not die! I would not like that!”

“I’ll be fine. I won’t die. So don’t hold back.”

“Very well.”

“Good. Now get a little closer and descend. I’ll charge in there and draw them out.”


Eric looked worried.


“Anything I can do?”

“I don’t mind being bait.”


Goran looked serious.


“I should do it, since I was hit by Kathe’s breath before.”


Eric and Goran were very strong.

But when alone, I had the highest chance of survival.

I was pretty sure that I also had the best defense ability.


“Eric and Goran. I want you two to charge in after Kathe unleashes her breath.”


“You be careful.”


And with that, I jumped off of Kathe’s back.

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  1. So, if she had to take them off when changing to dragon form, where’d she get the clothes in the first place?

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