Jack of all Trades – 147


Yes, up until now I just took the weapons and left the rest. Taking their body parts to the guild might have made me some money, but not as much as taking the iron.


“Ah, goblins… I have not had to gather anything from them for so long, but I believe that it is the ear. But I do not remember which one.”

“Ears, huh?”


Well, I wasn’t going to start collecting them now, anyway. I was very much alright with some stingy Adventurer coming in and taking them after we left. I’m sure the goblins would appreciate their remains being put to some kind of use. That Adventurer will probably not be the most capable, but that was nothing to me. You could not grow without a fight. It was the trick to living as an Adventurer, and I could not forget that.


I gathered their weapons and then we moved the goblin bodies to the side of the road so they would not get in the way. We also put our hands together as a small sign of respect, and then returned to our journey.

The rain had now stopped, and beams of light were shining through the cracks between the clouds. What did you call that again? I forgot.


The thick clouds were pushed away by the wind, and by the time the sun was visible again, it was already about to set. Our progress had been hindered because of the rain, and we would not arrive at the town. In fact, we could actually see it from where we were, but the gate would likely be closed by the time we got there. I could have used Legs of the Forest Wolf, but this was one time that making a showy entrance into a new town was ill advised.

And so we decided to search for a place to set up camp for the night. However, it was muddy almost everywhere, which put me in a gloomy mood.


“What should we do?”

“Hmm… These are the times that fire magic would be useful. We could dry the ground…”


Unfortunately, there were no users of fire magic nearby. Me? Nope. I’m crap. That being said, this was not a good time to do nothing and wait for it to get dark. We could get attacked by monsters.


“Surely there is something we could…hmm?”

“What is it?”

“Uh, over there…”


It was hard to see from here, but there was a small cabin near the trees. Maybe we could borrow it?


“I would not advise that.”

“What do you mean?”

“…What if it is used by bandits?”



I would not like that. But you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.


“Let’s just go and take a look.”

“And what will you do if there are bandits? Will you kill them?”

“It would be pretty barbarous to cut people’s throats from the side just because they are bandits. I’ll step back and do what I can with fire magic.”


That was one egg I wasn’t going to break easily. Unnecessary killing was wrong.

As Daniela’s skill with Presence Detection was higher, she concentrated on the front. I took the rear and sides. …Yes, there was no one around.

Tap. I tapped Daniela on the shoulder once and nodded. We slowly made our way forward, careful to not make any noise. Of course, I wouldn’t do anything so clumsy as step on a twig. We would explore most carefully.


After we had advanced to a certain point, Daniela stopped. The cabin had entered the reach of her Presence Detection. As she silently checked inside, I continued to scan our surroundings. There was still nothing. As there weren’t many trees here, I didn’t have to use it above our heads. But that also meant that we wouldn’t be able to hide. Not us or any potential enemies.


“…Asagi. It seems to be fine.”

“I see…we should look inside then.”


Just because there was no one there, it didn’t mean it was a normal cabin. Maybe it was used by bandits and they happened to be out now. If we found weapons, food or stolen goods, we would leave immediately.

We remained cautious as we stood in front of the door. Thankfully, there were no traps.

Daniela also checked the door, and it did not contain any tricks.


“I’m going to open it.”



I slowly reached for the doorknob and pushed. The door opened slowly. Then I held up the lantern I had prepared in advance. It was the magic lantern I had swiped from the orcs.


Unsurprisingly, there was no one here. There were roughly stacked boxes, but no weapons or stolen goods. No corpses either. There were some coats, bows and daggers. I suppose those were weapons, but they were for hunters.


“Hmm…so it was a cabin for hunters then.”

“What a relief…”


In any case, it was probably safe. That didn’t mean we wouldn’t have to stay up and stand watch, but it was still a relief. There seemed to be a small kitchen as well, so our last night on the road would be accompanied by a nice hot meal.

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  1. I don’t know it seems kind of weird to me he isn’t using his Legs of the Forest Wolf to get them there and that they don’t both use magic to land. Making a showy entrance if it’s done right could be the best thing.If it shows that the two new people in town are skilled with magic that might dissuade some from bothering them.

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