Jack of all Trades – 131

Orc Extermination


The orc room, as the name implied, was filled with orcs. At a glance, the distance of the archers from the entrance was the same as the length of the runway. Considering how strong orcs were, they should have no trouble reaching it with their arrows.


The orcs saw me as I burst into the room. However, I was faster than their bow hands, and they could not stop me as I crashed into their line. My swords thrust into the first orc in front of me, but I didn’t stop there. I broke through the wall, dug my heels into the dirt and stopped as I arrived in the center of the throng.

The first orc, who had been stabbed, now rolled lifelessly to the ground. I left the sword in the corpse as I commanded the blue magic energy in the room. I was forming ice bullets. I knew how to do it and what the results would look like through Jack of all Trades, Master of None.


“Icicle Bullet-Around Shot.”


I didn’t need anything with the length of arrows. I recreated that same bullet I had used to hunt forest wolves with Daniela that first time. I created countless bullets on every side. Thankfully, these small bullets did not require too much magic. They were smaller than the ice used for drinks. Still, the effects should be devastating with this number.


The magic had a name in the vein of the magic schools, and as the name suggested, it went in all directions. I knew what the result would look like. The ice bullets would shoot the orcs dead. They wouldn’t miss. It was impossible to escape so many bullets.

As expected, all the orcs within range now sunk to the ground. And it was just as the archers who had survived pointed their bows at me that the Adventurers, led by Virgil, came down the runway like a screaming avalanche. Virgil saw me standing in the center of the pile of corpses and he laughed with a twisted smile. So, beat your expectations, did I?


“Asagi has done it! Let’s go!”


The Adventurers roared in reply as they ran behind Virgil. The archers frantically pointed their arrows at the Adventurers once again. In any case, my objective was Mordred. His presence was large and Presence Detection caught it immediately. I swung around to see a dark orc who was much bigger than the others. He was holding a white sword and glaring at me with hatred.


“So you’re Mordred, I suppose? You’re going to have to die for attacking that village. Also, I’ll be wanting Arthur’s sword back!”



Mordred thrust the sword forward as he shouted orders to the surrounding orcs. He must be one of the most advanced of his species. I could tell that he was moderately intelligent. No doubt he had also learned things from Arthur, as he was quick to make decisions.

The pale, ash-colored orcs that surrounded Mordred now rushed at me with their swords. They gave no regard to their fallen comrades as they trampled them in their charge.





I pulled out my sword from the corpse and blocked the first attacker’s sword with the Ashikirimaru, then I swung the Glampanzer and cut off his sword arm. The orc froze in shock before I plunged Ashikirimaru into his heart. After that, I continued to cut my way through the onrush of orcs as I made my way forward.





Two orcs came swinging at the same time in an attempt to stop me. If I blocked it, I was sure that the orc behind them would attack me. If there was no point in blocking it, then I should dodge it. With Legs of the Forest Wolf, I accelerated in a flash, sliding through the swords of the two orcs and coming out the other end to slam my fist into the stomach of the orc who stood behind them. Then I swirled around and thrust my sword in their open backs. I pulled the blades out and the two crumpled to the ground. The orc who I had punched began to pull himself off the ground, and so I let loose a kick that was aided by silver and green wind. Immediately, the orc took the kind of damage only dozens of razers could have inflicted at once. He rolled on the ground in pain as I slid my blade into his neck. And I move forward.




Mordred howls. However, the remaining ash-colored orcs seemed to have realized they were no match for me, and they freeze in their tracks. They had already run from us before. It was actually impressive that they came again. However, they did not have the courage to attack for a third time.

Mordred’s teeth ground in frustration when his subordinates would not move as he ordered.




A voice came unexpectedly from my side. Daniela was walking up to me. Blood was splattered on her cheek.


“Daniela. What about the archers?”

“Virgil and the others are taking care of it. So is that one Mordred?”

“Yeah. And that’s probably Excalibur he’s holding there.”


I glanced behind me and saw the Adventurers fighting the orcs. But orcs with bows were not going to be the best with close quarters combat. Their numbers were falling rapidly. I was a little relieved as I turned away.


The huge, dark orc was still carrying the white sword that belonged to the white orc. He raised the sword now and swung down onto the head of the closest orc. Unsurprisingly, the orc’s head split open and he died.


“Bastard. He’s got quite a temper.”

“It is very sad. To kill your own subordinates.”


Human or monster, you were finished once you started to act like that.


You couldn’t survive on a battlefield if you couldn’t keep your calm.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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