Realist Demon King – 68


As for those who are by his side, there is a new Hero among our ranks. This Fuma Kotaro is quite the character.


He had declared that he would not have served Demon King Ashta, had he killed the child.


He appeared as a cold-hearted ninja, but there was clearly a compassionate side there as well.


Perhaps my Master, ‘Demon King Astha,’ has a knack for attracting such people to him.


It would explain why so many of them are pleasant people.

Which of course, makes me think. I must also have a pleasant disposition.

With this thought in my mind, I got up and stood in front of the mirror that was in my room.

It was a very large mirror.

My room was always clean, which made it seem rather sterile.

It was only this mirror and a few makeup tools that suggested a female occupant.


Perhaps I should change the curtains? Something pink?


I wondered.


I could always go to the market and search for them tomorrow. But first… A certain woman’s face appeared in my mind.


A woman who seemed to never stop smiling.

Saint Jeanne.


It felt that much time had passed since she came here, but she was very accepting of everyone. It didn’t matter if they were human or demon.


The Master seemed to like her a lot.


“If only I could laugh as does…”


The thought suddenly came.


In front of the mirror, I use my hands to move my lips and forcefully create a smile. But it looks terrible.


However, I continued to stand in front of the mirror every morning and practice.

It was to turn the head of the nicest man in the world.

To be loved by the kindest Demon King…

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