Realist Demon King – 95


“Demon King. Fear not. I am fond of your cowardly side as well. No, I adore it. After all, it is not for yourself that you are a coward, but you do it for others.”

“…Thank you.”

I said honestly.

To build a peaceful world across all the lands, I will resort to trickery.

It was to minimize the damage to my own men.

It would seem a fair enough act to my friends and subordinates. But the enemy might find it intolerable.

However, I would do it anyway.

Let the blood of my enemies run, as long as we are saved.

I called out Fuma Kotaro and told him how we would lure out Jochi’s army.

“Fuma Kotaro. You told me that Jochi cut off Zagam’s arm after his father was insulted.”

“Yes, I did.”

“Do you know why?”

“Because he is a proud man? He respects his father?”

“No, that is not it. He is proud, but he did not love his father. It was something quite different than that. If anything, the Hero Jochi worshiped his father, Ghengis Khan.”

Ghengis Khan had built the largest empire in history.

Jochi followed him and contributed to his achievement from the shadows.

He respected his father and wanted to be like him.

And he should have been.

However, there was a secret regarding his birth.

And it was that secret that prevented him from becoming his father’s successor, even though he was the eldest son.

As for that secret, it was that he was not a true son of Ghengis Khan.

Jochi’s mother had been pregnant when she was abducted by an enemy tribe.

That tribe was eventually destroyed by Ghengis. The mother was shown mercy and Jochi was born. Or so the rumor went.

This was the popular belief surrounding the reason that he wasn’t the successor.

I was well aware of it.

And I knew about what happened with him and Zagam. Perhaps it was his own insecurities that caused him to lash out when his father was insulted.

If I was correct, he could be easily provoked.

And so I called out a criminal and had him send a message.

If things went as I thought they would, Jochi would kill him.

And that is exactly what happened.

He became so enraged that he launched an attack on our line of defense.

As everything was going so well, Eve looked at me with an odd expression.

“I knew that you were a master of strategy, but how did you manage to lure Jochi out?”

I didn’t really care to talk about it, but I decided to tell her.

She was my closest subject and I could not hide anything from her.

And so I told her the story revolving around his birth and the message I had sent.

‘To the Hero of the Plains, Jochi. If you have even a nail’s worth of courage in you, come and break my iron defense. Your father may have created a great empire, but clearly you have not inherited his valor. But that is hardly a surprise, seeing as you are not even his son.’

Eve heard those words and became pale.

She wondered if more insulting words could have been aimed at a heroic general.

Of course, hurling insults at a Hero and inviting his wrath was not the most honorable thing to do.

Well, it was rather devilish.

But it worked, which was all that mattered.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    As a Demon King that never loses and has a manner of speaking like he’s a wise old man or something, I don’t really like him all that much.

    Also, Jochi’s pretty hot blooded, isn’t he? He might be smart as a tactician, but him losing his composure makes him far more easier to control.

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